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Franck Provost Salon Brings Powermix Unique Super-Hydrated Hair Treatment to Qatar

Hi-Fashion European Salon Style Leading the Market

Hair trend and high-quality personal grooming brand Franck-Provost has introduced the pioneering Powermix treatment for super-hydrated hair to Qatar. The treatment, which is individually tailored on-site to specific client needs, is now available at the super-modern, spacious and luxurious Franck Provost Paris salon at the Four Seasons Hotel Doha.

Powermix will be delivered by the salon’s multi-national style crew who have all be trained by experts from Franck Provost Paris in the most up-to-date hair colouring techniques and design trends. The new treatment joins the brand’s highly acclaimed and ever-expanding portfolio of services which includes hairstyling, cutting, blow-drying and coloring. Additional grooming services including manicure and pedicure, nail enhancements, waxing and threading are offered by the salon’s in-house Nails’ service. 

Client satisfaction is prioritised at the salon where the brand’s signature style of comfort, simplicity and cleanliness is reflected in its private, sea-view pedicure stations and relaxing hair stations that sport low mirrors and vast white walls. 

The salon lives up to the Franck Provost Paris brand which has made its name in the French capital for superior professional services and treatments, many of which are the latest to hit the fashion and style worlds. The transformative Series Expert Powermix in-salon treatment is the latest trending hair solution to make its way from France. The treatment uses pure ingredient and miscellar technology formulas, freshly mixed in front of clients to produce a hair masque which leaves hair super-hydrated hair and abundant with lightness, shine. Each masque is mixed individually for specific client needs.

Meanwhile, the salon’s in-house Nails service has also expanded its service range introducing collagen socks for the ultimate in pedicures. The socks, which are enriched with collagen, olive and argan oils, are worn during a pedicure to nourish and moisturize feet. The long-lasting’ Powder Dipping’ nail enhancement service, which is massively trending on social media, has also joined the salon services. It owes its popularity to the fact that it does not use UV/LED lamps for nails to ‘set’ so speeds up manicures. It air-dries to a polished, acrylic look shine without damaging the nails and delivers a strong, durable result that prevents chipping. 

Franck Provost is leading the market with inspiring and relaxing interiors, highly skilled stylists and treatments which are in Qatar within weeks of European release.

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