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Fullord 2021 Collections

Fullord, the Swiss fine jewellery maison, based in Geneva, that has patented the first jewel com- bining a scarf ring with a necklace, has the pleasure to talk you through its 2021 collections. Crafted in Italy from 18 karat rose gold and diamonds all Fullord pieces offer to customers innovative design together with exquisite craftsmanship.

Etoile Collection

Inspired by the constellation maps, the Etoile collection features an intricate rose gold weave dotted with white round diamonds. Its light and sophisticated design make this collection the ideal day to night jewellery. Sober and extremely wearable yet elegant and refined this collection features the perfect everyday pieces.

Easy to pair and stack with other pieces from the same collection as the Etoile range comes in diffe- rent variations: plain rose gold and rose gold and diamonds.

Rings, earrings, bracelets and scarf rings are declined in this simple yet detailed design.

Lotus Collection

Inspired by the eponymous flower, symbol of regeneration and rebirth, the lotus collection trans- lates its voluptuous shapes in 18 karat rose gold and diamonds. Its peculiar tridimensional design explores unaspected volumes and the polished shiny gold surface gives a delightful tactil effect to these pieces. The lotus Fullord scarf ring in particular reveals different features according to the way it is worn, showing a diamond face when styled as a necklace and a wavy polished surface when worn as a scarf ring. Matching earrings and a ring in the same shape of the bracelet complete this mesmerizing collection.

Chrysalide Collection

Shaped to replicate the elongated oval lines of a chrysalis, this collection with his graceful poli- shed gold curved surface, constellated with white round diamonds, makes a statement with its contemporary elegance. The chrysalids scarf ring offers multiple styling options both as a necklace and as a scarf ring thanks to the 80 cm adjustable chain. The long drop earrings featuring three chrysalide elements are the ideal complement to every woman’s beauty for a refined evening look. The matching cocktail ring and bracelet perfectly complete the collection.


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