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GAIA Serves Light Lunch Dishes that Celebrate the Beauty & Warmth of The Cyclades

GAIA celebrates the beauty and warmth of The Cyclades with a menu of exquisite light dishes, salads & small plates. Curated to entice guests for a light lunch or accompaniment to a main meal, the dishes embrace the simplicity and vibrancy of Greek cuisine. Honouring the endearing Grecian tradition of sharing food & conversation with family and friends, GAIA’s dishes express this passion. Served layer by layer and designed to be shared, the small dishes showcase the finest Mediterranean ingredients and embody the renowned, generous Greek hospitality.

Served daily from 12pm, guests can indulge in an array of traditional spreads including Tzatziki, Taramosalata & Melitzanosalata, all served with a choice of freshly baked bread. The menu also features nourishing salads including a refreshing Watermelon Salad, delicately tossed with feta, almonds, and fresh basil & mint leaves, as well as a Cauliflower Salad, mixed with avocado, goats’ cheese, caramelised walnuts, and a tantalising citrus dressing.

Delicacies from the sea include GAIA’s signature Seabream Carpaccio, served with a selection of dressings, perfectly cooked Grilled Octopus with a fava bean puree and a classic dish of Prawn Saganaki, prepared in a fresh tomato sauce, complemented with garlic and fresh basil. Other light dish highlights include Baked Feta, harmonised with a generous drizzle of honey and crushed nuts and an appetizing Zucchini or Calamari Tempura.

Inspired by Aegean culture, GAIA Doha seamlessly blends history and design to create an alluring atmosphere and perfectly reflects the bounty and beauty of Greece. With limestone walls, azure-coloured interior furnishings, and magenta blooms of bougainvillea, guests are transported and immersed to a Grecian escape.


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