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Garrard and Royal Ascot continue the Legacy

Garrard and Royal Ascot’s shared history reaches back to the creation of the first Gold Cup in 1842. This year we continue the legacy as the Official Trophies and Silverware Supplieand unveil the new designs for the iconic gold cups and Group 1 trophies.

Garrard supplied trophies to Royal Ascot through its 165 years as Crown Jeweller. From the very beginning, each trophy design has had to meet the monarch’s approval, and together they reflect changing tastes through the years

In 2018, the Gold Cup, Queen’s Vase and Royal Hunt Cup were joined by seven new trophies in silver, for winners of the other Group 1 races at Royal Ascot. Starting a new tradition, the winners of these Group 1 races will this year be allowed to keep their trophies in perpetuity.

The opportunity to create new trophy designs for this incredible occasion is always exciting for Garrard’s design and development director, Claire Scott.

“It is fascinating looking back through our many Royal Ascot trophies and focusing in on their design inspiration. I was especially drawn to the classic, sleek designs of the 1930s – which are truly timeless".

Their clean lines and striking silhouettes can be seen in the new trophies for 2022. Garrard is all about the details and running around the base of the trophies is the Royal Ascot pattern of classic racing silk designs.

The new Royal Ascot commissions will be the latest additions to Garrard’s rich heritage of creating some of the most illustrious trophies in the world. Each one follows in the tradition established by founder silversmith George Wickes in 1735, achieving a balance of iconic design and impeccable execution.


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