GRAFF - Butterfly Collection 2020

Introducing Butterfly Silhouette, the latest addition to Graff’s iconic Butterfly collection, capturing the delicacy and symbolism of these mesmerising, ephemeral creatures.

These new pieces within the Graff Butterfly universe are designed to be worn every day, including contemporary between-the-finger rings and an elegant sautoir necklace. Each jewel depicts the perfect symmetry of the butterfly’s open wings in striking arrangements of round and marquise diamonds, and luminous clusters of pavé stones.

“We design jewels that perfectly mimic the natural elegance of a butterfly,” explains Anne-Eva Geffroy, design director at Graff. “This deceptively simple motif has featured prominently in Graff’s heritage and offered us endless opportunities for reinterpretation over the decades. Our latest pieces highlight the exquisite delicacy of this timeless subject.”

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