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Hall of Wellness Awards – Powered by Spa Connectors

** New Awards Recognising Exceptional Individuals in the Global Spa, Beauty and Wellness Industry Launches 1st July **

Spa Connectors, a global company offering business, training and recruitment solutions to the spa industry, specialising in 5-star hotels, resorts, stand-alone spas and wellness concepts is driving a movement to reward talent in the community on a global scale by launching The Hall of Wellness Awards 2020. Independently as a business, Spa Connectors are passionate about nurturing talent in their own unique ways within spas, salons and wellness facilities worldwide. Now, they aspire to bring them together on a global stage by launching awards where an industry divided by borders will be united in their passion and commitment to their expertise celebrating all individuals in a virtual awards ceremony that is inclusive of the industry across all levels.

The Hall of Wellness Awards not only recognises extraordinary individuals, but also looks to elevate the industry as a whole. The HOW Awards is designed as a CSR initiative to give back to the people that make up the industry and to create a stimulus within the industry’s training sector. A scholarship fund, evolving from the sponsorship money for the Awards, will contribute to upskilling anyone deserving of it – from therapists to managers.

The awards will take place on the 4th December 2020, with nominations opening on 1st July. All submissions will be judged by a carefully selected panel of industry experts. Nominations can be self, or peer nominated, and entrants will then embark on a stringent judging process to help unearth the industry’s best.

The HOW Awards will bring together the global spa, beauty and wellness industry to a world stage to celebrate its people in the following categories and regions:

Global Awards:

  • Global Therapist of the Year

  • Global Director/Manager of the Year

  • Personality/Contributor to the Industry

  • Global Hair Personality

  • Global Wellness Personality

  • CSR Contributor

  • Rising Star

Regional Awards:

Middle East, Asia, Europe and United Kingdom, Oceania, Americas, Africa

  • Student

  • Spa Therapist

  • Aesthetic/Beauty Therapist

  • Nail Technician

  • PMU & Microblading Specialist

  • Hair Personality

  • Lash Technician

  • Make Up Artist

  • Fitness Personality

  • Yoga Practitioner

  • Wellness Specialist/Practitioner

  • Aesthetic Physician/Dermatologist

  • Sales/Business Development Manager

  • Trainer

  • Operational Support

  • Director/Manager

  • Consultant

  • Group Director

The Hall of Wellness Awards are committed to making an impact in the industry at a global level and supporting growth and development of the industry as a whole. Award winners will be trained, mentored and offered a position in the workforce with Spa Connectors working with training schools around the world to help improve access to quality education and to develop a sustainable workforce for the spa, beauty and wellness industry.

To learn more about Hall of Wellness Awards, visit

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