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Haute Parfumerie reveals complete collection of Splash & Spray fragrances,

a lighter expression of its signature scents

Henry Jacques is delighted to reveal that its collection of Les Brumes fragrances is now complete, with its entire range of 50 Les Classiques fragrances now on offer in the unique “Splash & Spray” version. Reinventing heritage, Les Brumes offer a lighter expression of the traditional Essences at the very heart of the maison, bridging the spirit of high perfumery and modern-day living.

All 50 Les Brumes are presented in stunning crystalline glass flacons topped with an innovative and highly technical spray, an in-house creation that dispenses a delicate, airy yet highly intense cloud of fragrance. Thanks to interchangeable tops, one can personalize their experience according to their mood – two rituals in one highly contemporary showcase: an enveloping mist of a Spray, or a gentle Splash on the skin.

A playful entry into the world of Haute Parfumerie, Les Brumes are a perfect gift for the upcoming Festive Season, for those with a passion for fragrance and an appreciation for savoir-faire. Like the more traditional Essences, Les Brumes allow wearers to build their own perfume wardrobe, to compose their own signature, or imprint – in a more light-hearted way.

Les Brumes offer a glimpse into the Henry Jacques’ Art-de-Vivre, a treasure trove of endless choices and a bountiful journey: the most precious and exclusive ingredients, rare and perfect - from the intricate Les Exceptions masterpieces, the innovative Clic-Clac solid perfumes, and the pinnacle of Haute Parfumerie, Les Sur-Mesures, or Bespoke.

The 50 Les Brumes are now available at Henry Jacques boutiques in the Middle East:

The Dubai Mall Fashion Avenue extension - Dubai, The Galleria Mall - Abu Dhabi, and Galeries Lafayette - Qatar.


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