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Henry Jacques flagship boutique in Paris

French Haute Parfumerie opens its doors on Avenue Montaigne

A place where all your senses intertwine, a magnificent space dedicated exclusively to Haute Parfumerie: Henry Jacques now has a home in the heart of Paris. The Maison’s flagship boutique opened this month on 2 Avenue Montaigne, a grand boutique, with one of Paris’ most iconic addresses.

Paris, the Ninth Wonder of Henry Jacques

Never before has a small, family run perfumer created a space of this scale dedicated to a single product: perfume. Those wishing to delve into Henry Jacques’ history, creations and savoir-faire will be left in wonderment in the 400 sqm space, a true testament to the Maison’s incredible craftsmanship.

The Avenue Montaigne boutique is Henry Jacques’ ninth in the world, and a real flagship. A Maison with French roots, but worldly expertise, it was only natural for Paris to be the company’s next home, expanding its horizons and opening further to the public than possible with its previous Private Salon in the capital.

Since taking over from her father, Founder of Henry Jacques, Henry Cremona, CEO Anne-Lise Cremona has elevated the brand to a level that is second to none in the world of fine perfumery. The Paris boutique follows on from the recent opening of retail spaces in London, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Doha, Hong Kong, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Beverly Hills.

This Avenue Montaigne boutique is undoubtedly amongst the most majestic, a prestigious hub for Henry Jacques to welcome its guests, borne from Creative Director Christophe Tollemer’s desire to create a home away from home, warm and welcoming, yet where absolute beauty is expressed in the most infinitesimal detail.

An Odyssey of Poetic Discovery

A beautiful garden is first to welcome visitors, an enchanting and rare find in central Paris, with delicious scents greeting those who arrive, and drawing on the Maison’s celebration of the Art of Living.

The boutique presents visitors the chance to stroll through a huge range of its collections, split across various beautifully themed rooms and zones. On entering, imposing black walls and cream-colored stone flooring with a wave-like pattern are the gateway to a wonderful journey of discovery; at the heart of the vast entrance hall is a black monogrammed island houses a range of striking Henry Jacques collections.

An adjacent room houses a perfume bar, where all the Henry Jacques’ 50 Les Classiques - essences at the core of the Maison - are showcased, alongside raw components, where guests are offered interactive discovery experiences by an expert perfumer.

At the bottom of the magnificent staircase lies a space featuring backlit wall niches, once again housing all 50 of Henry Jacques’ Les Classiques range inviting visitors to uncover each perfume’s olfactive notes on their own, thanks to scannable NFC tags. Moving through the expansive space downstairs, a series of lounges called “espaces Art de Vivre” are designed to make guests feel at home, crafted in hard oak floors, woodwork and wall dye, with many paintings and objets d’art whether from contemporary or vintage artists are showcased alongside the real stars: the scents.

Two smaller rooms are dedicated to historic and museum pieces, shining a spotlight not only on the past, but what is still to come. A range of Henry Jacques masterpieces are also displayed here, from the Renaissance jewellery collection, to the contemporary and innovative Clic-Clac. There is also an intimate VIP room where Bespoke consultations are held, as well as a hidden oval private meeting or dining room with a striking immersive mural where special events are hosted.

At 2 Avenue Montaigne, Henry Jacques pushes the Haute Parfumerie experience to inimitable levels; senses are awakened in the comforting warmth of a striking family home. In its new boutique, the Maison gathers the past, the present and the future in one place, evoking emotions and bringing to life olfactory dreams.


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