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How to do a summer makeup

Naturalness has always been in fashion, and now it is more relevant than ever. Spring-summer make-up is notable for its lightness, brightness and at the same time unobtrusiveness in color. The emphasis is on healthy complexion, glow of your skin, natural shades. But this does not mean that you should completely exclude bright colors: for the evening, you can use a more intense gamut, in the daytime makeup more preferable will be more calm, delicate shades. At the same time, juicy lipstick or glossy lip gloss is always relevant - the main thing is not to overdo it!

A characteristic feature of summer makeup is lightness. This is primarily due to an increase in solar activity and an increase in the temperature around, which in turn stimulates sweating and increased sebum production, so the abundance of cosmetics on the skin is absolutely unnecessary. In addition, it is possible that in case of heat the entire makeup may simply “float” off the face.

A few tips to make your summer makeup right:

▪ In the summer period, women should switch to using lighter tonal textures: matting mousses, cream fluid with a tinting effect, BB creams. It is best to choose water-based tonal bases/foundations that will not clog pores and let the skin to breathe.

▪ When choosing a product, preference should be given to products with a sun protection factor, this will save skin health.

  ▪The guarantee of high-quality flight makeup is of course resistance! Therefore, before applying the foundation and after you should use a fixing spray, this will prolong the resistance of the makeup.

▪ light contouring can be performed using a bronzer that will give your skin a slight tanning effect.

▪ Waterproof products - great helpers in the heat and when traveling to the sea. Now a wide selection of waterproof cosmetics: pencils, eyeliners, mascaras, eye shadows, lipsticks.

▪ Shimmer textures and highlighters are perfect for summer. For example, to give the skin a beautiful glow, you can use not matte powder, but with shimmer. Summer eye makeup can be done with metallic shadows or a chameleon, because these types of eye shadows will delight you with their play of colors in the sun.

▪ Color mascara again at the height of fashion! Bright summer makeup can be supplemented with colored eyeliner.

▪ Instead of lipstick, you can use a lip balm or lip gloss that will complete your summer look. At the same time choose colors from the most gentle to bright and juicy.

▪ To get rid of oily sheen, you can use matting wipes. 

All these simple recommendations will help you always look fresh and keep your makeup for the whole day!

by Rimma Polovynka

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