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(Fenty Icon Refillable Silver Metallic Lipstick Case:

60 AED, 67 SAR, 6.25 BHD, 57 QAR, 4.75 KD, 6 OR)

(Fenty Icon Semi-matte Lipstick (the fill):

110 AED, 123 SAR, 11.50 BHD, 104 QAR, 8.75 KD, 11 OR)

(Fenty Icon Refillable Matte Black Lipstick Case:

60 AED, 67 SAR, 6.25 BHD, 57 QAR, 4.75 KD, 6 OR)

“Lipstick is the instant gamechanger – it can switch up my entire look instantly. The new Fenty Icon shades are the best-of-the-best neutrals and reds that look gorgeous on everyone and feel so creamy and comfortable.” – Rihanna

Fenty Icon Refillable Lipstick is made to be seen. This semi-matte refillable lipstick was created to luxe up the everyday and make it look easy, too. Rihanna curated every shade for the perfect lineup of high-pigment, low-maintenance reds and neutrals for all. With a range of 7 neutrals and 3 reds, everyone can find a classic to fit their mood.

“We all know how hard it can be to find THE perfect red. That’s why it was so important to me that we had the ultimate red shade that looks amazing on everyone. After testing it on all skin tones and almost a year of tweaking to get it just right, we finally have our MVP.” – Rihanna on shade The MVP

Finally—you never have to choose between comfort and a luxe look. In just one swipe, Fenty Icon delivers high pigment with a lightweight feel for full color impact. The semi-matte, creamy formula hugs lips with a smooth, plush texture and lasting iconic wear, all in Rihanna’s favorite vanilla-peach scent. The formula combines hyaluronic acid for a moisture-plumping effect, conditioning vitamins C & E for nourishment, and lip-loving amino acid technology to give lips a modern plush texture.

Best of all, Fenty Icon is refillable! Rihanna created this lipstick to be refillable because she knew you’d want to wear these shades over and over again. She wanted to pair the shades with this incredibly designed case to feel like your new must-have accessory for an overall luxe experience. Choose your shade, choose your case, and create your own icon.

The most personalized touch of all, though, is that the unique bullet shape is inspired by Rihanna’s iconic Cupid’s bow for precise application.


1. Your case box arrives with 2 pieces: a case + a bullet base.

2. Flip case vertically and base will slide out. Note: Do not push base into case or insert base into case without a lipstick shade fill attached.

3. Remove cap from lipstick shade fill.

4. Attach lipstick shade fill to bullet base—a click lets you know it’s fully connected.

5. Make sure bullet is twisted all the way down.

6. Insert lipstick, bullet first, into case.

7. Pop into place.

8. Your Fenty Icon Lipstick is now complete. Twist base to the left to lift bullet and apply.

Available beginning February 4th across all Sephora stores in the GCC and online

Fenty Beauty is 100% Cruelty Free.


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