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The iconic fragrance takes root in new realms of Halfeti

The hills of Halfeti remain unexplored... until now.

Dried fruits and spice cascade through cedar’s lofty canopy into a river of rum, minerals and vanilla. New love takes root in this ambery fragrance. Penhaligon’s iconic Trade Routes scent inspired by the fabled black rose, Halfeti, finds strength in new fragrant forms. In this new iteration, exclusive to Selfridges and from the 1st August 2020, we step foot into the mythical forests of Halfeti – the roses aren’t alone in this town, after all – to discover a scent which takes root in an overdose of woods and mineral radiance; Halfeti Cedar.There’s much more to explore beyond the heady haze of the bazaar, where time stands still, enveloped in amber. Halfeti Cedar sees amber oozing through Cedarwood Virginia, a veritable cornucopia of rum, dried fruits and spice, and lofty plumes of incense rising to caress the canopy of creamy Cedarwood Atlas. A woody oriental fragrance with the opulence of velvet and mystery of musk. The unexplored trails of perfumery continue to be blazed by pioneers such as Penhaligon’s.And so, the mystery continues...

Head Notes - Rum, Peach Cardamom Saffron

Heart Notes - Mineral Accord, Immortelle Dried Fruits, Cinnamon Cedarwood Virginia

Base Notes - Cedarwood Atlas,Vanilla Labdanum, Patchouli Tonka Beans

RRP of The Complete Halfeti Collection:

The Complete Halfeti Collection:

Halfeti Cedar Eau De Parfum 100ml – 1,000 AED

Halfeti Eau De Parfum 100ml – 1,000 AED

Halfeti Leather Eau De Parfum 100ml – 1,000 AED

Halfeti Body Cream 175ml –1 75 AED

Halfeti Soap 3x100g - 75 AED

Halfeti Body Cream 175ml - 315 AED


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