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Introducing Hermetica: a modern molecular perfume brand

Innovation Innovating Inspired 

Long Long-lasting ALCOHOL FREE 

Natural Nature Nurture 

Multi HIGH IMPACT Molecules 

Long Distance molecules 


Combine Combination 

Chemistry Chemical Alchemy 

Wide WIDENING Perfume

It began with a secret: the secret to creating the perfect scent.

Like modern-day alchemists, turning metals into gold - we took traditional fragrant ingredients and transformed them into a new elixir for the perfumery world. This is how we created Hermetica, a collection of modern molecular perfumes using a unique alcohol-free formula to create long-lasting and moisturizing fragrances. 

Launched online exclusively on 31 July, Hermetica is the first of its kind digital first fragrance brand to deliver worldwide thanks to its alcohol-free formula, allowing consumers to easily purchase fragrance through the website and try them at home.

Hermetica fragrances are the result of more than two years of intense collaboration between our co-founder Clara Molloy, Aliénor Massenet and Philippe Paparella, senior perfumers at Symrise, resulting in a completely new and alcohol-free approach to creating fragrances.  By marrying our unique formulas with patented technology - Inoscent – top, mid and base notes appear in a modern and striking tempo, revealing right away the heart of the perfumes after the first spritz.

The range includes 13 unique perfumes, 12 within the four different collections - Emerald Stairways, Vertical Ambers, The Door and Dry Waters -  plus Source1, a standalone fragrance that can also be found across all scents. Floral, woody, oriental and green, Hermetica fragrances deliver a contemporary and refined eau de parfum collection that is clean and cruelty-free.

As a digital first brand, Hermetica has created personality quiz online so that customers can find a scent best suited to them.  Moving away from traditional fragrance questions, the quiz uses a unique algorithm and inspiration from the idea of synaesthesia – where the perception of images can stimulate other senses such as smell – to match customers with the perfect fragrance. A discovery kit, available through the website, allows consumers to try each scent at home; the cost is then offset against the price of a full-priced bottle.

Who taught you how to smell?

Hermetica takes its name from Corpus Hermeticum, a collection mystical texts that influenced the practice of alchemy in the early Middle Ages.  Just as alchemy sought to transform basic metals into precious materials and to find the elixir of life, Hermetica’s perfumers are turning traditional ingredients into new and modern molecular fragrances.  

In their quest to find their ultimate elixir, Hermetica founders John and Clara Molloy created a revolutionary collection that uses both natural ingredients, synthetic molecules and synthetics derived from natural sources.  This hybrid formula uses a green chemistry, which incorporates renewable raw materials, in a conscious step towards responsible fragrance creation. 

At the base of our perfumes is a unique alcohol-free patented technology - InoscentTM – developed by Symrise and exclusive to Hermetica. This technology releases the perfume in such a way that you instantly smell the heart of the fragrance. 

“Unlike traditional fragrances that use alcohol to carry the fragrance to your nose like a rocket, Hermetica uses a unique patented technology to release the complete heart of fragrance with a certain tempo; much like the difference between smelling a glass of whisky and a glass of champagne. It is a refined release,” said Hermetica co-founder and Memo International president John Molloy.

Each Hermetica perfume is presented in an elegant emerald green lacquered bottle with a golden metallic cap debossed with the Hermetica logo. The bottle is housed inside a golden perforated cylinder reminiscent of the molecule that carries the perfume to your nose.  

Green in appearance and in nature, Hermetica’s glass bottles are made from recycled glass and sand that is locally sourced to reduce the carbon footprint. The bottles are refillable and reusable with fragrances that are clean and cruelty-free

Hermetica presents a new approach in the making of perfumes that combines nature and chemistry. Powerful scents, gentle on the skin, respectful of the environment, mixing history and modernity.

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