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Italian fashion brand Oblique Creations has landed in Dubai

Italian fashion brand Oblique Creations has landed in Dubai, inside the latest and colossal concept store of the city, THAT Concept Store.

Oblique Creations was created in Bologna in 2006, within an elegant 2000 m2 workspace, which later became the company’s home office. It is aimed at women who divide their lives between work, everyday vanity and reality and dreams.

The mind behind this company is Olesya Petrenko, whose philosophy is based on the idea of seizing all women’s desires to create a pret à porter which they can identify with.

The production, totally Made in Italy, relies on external laboratories selected for their sartorial experience and craftsmanship. These laboratories working in synergy with the creative direction and the style office, guarantee the impeccable quality of the product.

In July 2014 Oblique Creations was given Dun&Bradstreet award Rating1 in recognition of the high level of reliability.

The brand debuted with its first collection more than 10 years ago, and the company stems out from an aesthetic philosophy, which has not only been able to overturn the traditional market rules, but has continually met the expectations of a sophisticated, charming and cosmopolitan woman.

Today, the collections can be found in the most progressive luxury boutiques over the world. The Oblique Creations retail network now includes over 200 selected boutiques and 9 mono-brand stores throughout Europe, Russia, The Middle East and The US.

A bourgeois luxury, a genderless brand, designed for those who do not like the showy glamour of fashion, and that made its way to Paris and Milan Fashion Week.

Such results have been particularly carried out by a continuous research focused on an elegant, modern and essential product which has its basis in the most authentic Made in Italy and maintains, more and more, an ethical and healthy profile towards the environment, thanks to a virtuous mix of design, quality and innovation. Natural fibers created in full observance of the main ethical standards and an innovative green - mulesing free wool yarn: these are undoubtedly the protagonists of a line aiming at “speaking” a luxuriously ecological language, so as to pave the way to the upcoming fashion trends.

Distinctive feature of the brand is a variety of knitted textures, which are emphasized by a large number of color solutions. The use of natural fabrics is one of the most important requirements in the production of collections, making the perfect symbiosis between ethics and aesthetics.

The F/W 2021 collection combines lines and cuts that reflect an androgynous style which takes inspiration from the sports world to further obtain key pieces of the most natural and intense femininity. As a result, the garments reflect the musicality of nature in a weave of embroidery and rubberizing that soften the figure and give deep sensuality to the body.


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