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J.U.S strives for a responsible vision that brings fresh air to the planet.

The standardization and conformity of niche fragrances today no longer reflects the idea of a handful of independents who, back in the 2000s, shook up the market by launching alternative brands selling anti-conformist juices.

Where is that creativity today?

And what exactly are the venturous consumers who buy these alternative brands looking for?

Responding to these questions is our new brand J.U.S, a boldly impertinent and very French perfumery that breaks with all existing codes of standardization.

J.U.S strives for a responsible vision that brings fresh air to the planet.

The key ideas: UPCYCLING:  Creative reuse to generate emotion and pleasure by providing consumers with a sensory experience in a responsible way. Vintage bottles for some fragrances, and every bottle refillable. Reworked store furniture. Communications based on old forgotten images and obsolete videos, but revisited in moving new ways. Exploit the classic ingredients of perfumery, its most noble and durable ingredients, and make them say something new. Nothing is lost, everything is reimagined and reinvented. POP VINTAGE: Brightly-colored bottles and gift boxes with graphic "wallpaper" reflecting the joyful, vibrant, creative values ​​of the brand.

OPEN SOURCE: Our five perfumers’ formulas are freely shared, thus providing full knowledge access for better information about and understanding of the fragrances. Five perfumers... 11 elegies to la belle parfumerie… 11 stories of love of creation. Our creed: give free rein to the perfumer's imagination, and illustrate, in a singular and unique way their many olfactory stories, all of which are personal, often sensual, rarely consensual. The stories of J.U.S fragrances unveil what our perfumers leave unsaid: the unavowable and the unknown, a sensitivity to the invisible world, and a clairvoyance, sometimes transmitted over several generations. - Transmission story: Aurélien Guichard - Roots story: Fabrice Pellegrin

- Meeting story: Alexandra Carlin - Color story: Aliéner Massenet - Sensitivity story: Céline Elléna MADE IN FRANCE: Through 100% French production, J.U.S pays tribute to the roots of French perfume, a true heritage common to all, that we have now completely revisited.

J.U.S ... Joyaux Uniques et Sensoriels, (Unique and Sensory Jewels) expressing luxury, singularity and sensitivity through beautiful raw ingredients that are renewable and environmentally friendly.

J.U.S ... an expression of creativity, the testimony of an intimate writing, the fruit of an emotion, the germ of a memory, a pleasure that is always sincere.

Two collections expressing the freedom of expression of our perfumers, in which the exceptional is appropriate, originality understandable, and pleasure always sincere. JOYAUX UNIQUE ... exceptional vintage bottles, reflections of the history of French perfumery ... bottles made from old molds. Unique formulas, the fruit of free ideas, new, extreme and original, intriguing.

JOYAUX SENSORIELS ... a rounded and sensual bottle, young and colorful, providing a discreet glimpse of the juices contained within, in order to discover them better. No-nonsense formulas inspired by tradition but rooted in contemporary perfume ... odes to sensuality. J.U.S is an uninhibited perfumery producing impactful olfactory creations and strong packaging. We are proud to offer 100% French perfumery and to work with the wonderful know-how and deep commitment of our French suppliers. We are equally proud of our joyful, impertinent and ethical values, ​​and we hope that you will share them. We extend our thanks to all the great French Noses who worked with us freely, with no constraints or brief, and who gave us the best of themselves.

JOYAUX SENSORIELS (The Sensory Jewels)

Springpop - Refillable perfume 100ml - 180 €

Sopoudrage - Refillable perfume 100ml - 180 €

Ultrahot - Refillable perfume 100ml - 180 €

Gingerlise - Refillable perfume 100ml - 180 €

Ambraser - Refillable perfume 100ml - 180 €

Superfusion - Refillable perfume 100ml - 180 €

Noiressence - Refillable perfume 100ml - 180 €

Sexycrush - Refillable Perfume 100ml - 180 €

JOYAUX UNIQUES (The Unique Jewels)

Rosamonda - Refillable perfume 75ml - 230 €

Cuirissime - refillable perfume 75ml - 230 €

Coffeeze - Refillable perfume 75ml - 230 €

All our perfumes are also available in 200ml refills


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