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Embodying the ethereal energy and cosmic harmony found in Mother Nature

A-list luxury fine jewelry label, Jacquie Aiche, is delighted to announce the launch of its SS21 Collection, with new styles released on the website each week. With love for the natural beauty of California, Jacquie Aiche sought inspiration from everything around her, from the sunshine to the wildflowers to create a collection that is all about living in layers with transitional pieces that are both beautiful and easy to wear.

The new collection features an array of exquisite bold pieces created with the intention to manifest vibrant and happy energy. Chrysoprase, tourmaline, opal, turquoise, and pearl adorned with 14-carat gold, rose gold and silver and other precious gemstones make an appearance throughout this range. Designer, Jacquie Aiche reflects on the creation of the unique collection, “While I was designing this collection, I found so much joy in playing with the natural beauty of the Earth. This happiness is infused in every piece of jewelry that was created. With so many pieces to choose from, whether my tribe loves to wrap up in stones that are soft and sweet or bright and bold, I’m confident they will find the adornment that speaks to their soul.”

Designed and handcrafted in Jacquie's Los Angeles studio, the Secret Garden collection features a selection of gemstone pieces, from the butterflies to the beaded gemstone necklaces, with each adornment carrying energy and intentions that empower its beholder. Working directly with those extracting the gemstones from the earth, every precious stone is hand-selected and honors what ‘mother nature’ has uniquely delivered. According to Jacquie, there is incredible power in harnessing the earth energy in its organic state. Through this collection, the gemstones pieces remind the wearer that when one dares to connect with their wild side, what follows is deeply grounding and revitalizing.

When discussing the curation of the collection, Jacquie spoke of how she felt especially drawn to thunderbirds, “They are known to inspire personal power and inner strength. Given everything that the world is going through, this totem is especially sacred and I am so excited to share its influence with my tribe,” said Jacquie.

Crediting the brand's distinct style to the unique tapestry of Jacquie's blended cultural background, Jacquie says she channels her Middle Eastern and Native American roots through the sacred aesthetic of her full range of pieces, "My Native American heritage pulls me towards turquoise, fossils and precious gemstones, while my Middle Eastern roots influence the use of regional nuances such as hammered gold and the evil eye".

Jacquie launched the brand over a decade ago after a lifelong fascination with the healing power of stones, fuelled also by personal frustrations toward the limited styles of fine jewelry available on the market at that time. Through the Secret Garden collection, Jacquie continues to translate creative expression through stones and cement her reputation as an internationally acclaimed fine jewelry label adorned by celebrities and VIPs alike.

The jewelry can be bought online at and in over 40 prestigious retailers across the world, with new styles released weekly.


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