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This is the theory of ‘The Butterfly Effect’, in which the tiniest incident in nature creates an unstoppable chain reaction, leading to an unimagined event: a drop becomes an ocean, a simple smile an enduring romance, a brush-stroke a masterpiece. Life unfolds in the most surprising manner.

The slightest of occurrences can lead to truly momentous outcomes. So too in the world of watchmaking, where cause and effect are key. A micron of measurement results in precision, performance and perfection. Inspired innovation and a single gesture, and watchmaking takes a new turn that leads to new perspectives in time, altering the face, or perhaps faces, of an icon. As with Jaeger-LeCoultre’s Reverso.

Projecting the Nature of Change

In Autumn 2022, Jaeger-LeCoultre unites the talents of Brand Ambassadors Nicholas Hoult and Anya Taylor-Joy to express The Butterfly Effect in A New Turn, a captivating new video dedicated to the Reverso.

This beautifully executed film juxtaposes natural phenomena in their polar opposite forms: a raindrop gathering with billions of others to form a cascading waterfall, and a seed carried on the wind blooming into life from wooded stillness.

The metaphor extends to the Reverso itself, the narrative highlighting how a margin of millimetres is essential to the watch’s accuracy. And of course, in the Reverso’s flip, where the nuance of design brings an entirely new spin on this icon of timepieces.

Filmed in contrasting monochrome and colour, Nicholas and Anya perform against a backdrop of projected imagery. The dynamic ensemble of nature, timepiece and talent form a captivating campaign that expresses the whimsical nature of change. The past is reimagined in fine details, giving fresh new faces to Reverso.

From Moments to Momentous

Nicholas Hoult has been a friend of the Maison since 2017. He recently appeared in Turning Point, a short film for Jaeger-LeCoultre extolling Reverso as the symbol of pivotal moments in life. Of his role in this new film, he says; “In my own life, seemingly insignificant moments have led to great developments in my career. A chance meeting, or simply changing an arrangement has opened up opportunities I could never have foreseen.”

In A New Turn, Anya makes her debut as an Ambassador for the Maison. One of the world’s most acclaimed actresses, garlanded for works such as The Queens Gambit, Anya says of her inaugural role: “I am delighted to represent Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso in ‘A New Turn.’ In film roles, even subtle changes to the delivery of a line, or the way I look can completely change the character or performance. Life itself is a catalyst. Everything of true substance often begins in a small, quiet moment.”

As The World Turns, So Too Does Reverso

The campaign features the new Reverso Tribute Calendar in Pink Gold with Nicholas, while Anya is paired with the seductively feminine Reverso Duetto Small in Pink Gold. Introduced in 1931, Reverso has endlessly evolved in the spirit of innovation, and both The Tribute Calendar and Duetto Small typify Reverso’s limitless potential for reinvention.

As night follows day, the Reverso Tribute Calendar effortlessly switches from its classic Art Deco-style silver sunray-brushed dial, to a newly refined reverse-side dial, with a redesigned night & day indicator. One heart with two different dials, the Reverso Duetto Small also follows the sun over the horizon, with a day-to-night design featuring a classic side and a more flamboyant face that dazzles with diamond-set gadroons.

Inherent in any change is the challenge of retaining a distinctive character while bringing new perspectives that reflect the times. In A New Turn, the Reverso does just this, and this latest artistic campaign from Jaeger-LeCoultre captures the essence of how life can twist and turn in a moment, creating the unexpected from the familiar.


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