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Jardin De Parfums – The Mona Lisa Smile

The international perfume house – Jardin De Parfums (‘Garden of Perfumes’) launches in the Middle East with plans to expand worldwide. Jardin De Parfums offers a disruptive retail experience and the opportunity to explore the world of luxury fragrance in a totally unique way...

Jardin De Parfums – the ‘Garden of Perfumes’ – offers a unique new way to explore the art of perfume. A multi-brand concept, Jardin De Parfums currently houses three brands: The White Essentials, Papaverum and Unique. Within these three brands, there are 15 beautiful and tempting rare creations to which a new addition is waiting to be discovered beyond Jardin De Parfums’ secret gate.

Mona Lisa Smile Like the mystical gaze of an intense presence, the Mona Lisa Smile is something that myths are made of. Lyrical and sweet, but with a mysterious undertone, the moment one experiences its magic, they cannot let it go. The instinct of our sixth sense, the way we fall in love at first sight ... the moment of awakening and the unspoken charm of something that we cannot understand. With oral head notes of intoxicating Jasmine, heart notes of bright Saffron and Amberwood and deep base notes of Fir Resin and Cedar, this Oriental fragrance is sensual, mysterious and unexpectedly unique.

Each Jardin De Parfums fragrance is uniquely dreamt up and formulated in Italy with some of the world’s most passionate and knowledgeable experts. The bottles are lovingly created in France using a marriage of centuries-old craftsmanship with new-age technologies.

A far cry from your standard perfume and ordinary fragrance shopping experience – Jardin De Parfums is turning perfume retail on its head...

The luxury scent makers disrupt the retail experience by presenting its collections in a creative and unique way for the digital and curious generation. The Jardin de Parfums’ pop-ups and stores transport the visitor to a park in France or Italy, to a romantic adventure – to a beautiful garden filled with exquisite flowers. Making Jardin de Parfums a garden you will never want to leave.

Jardin De Parfums is also proud to educate the curious about the art of perfume during the retail experience. An expert will guide visitors through the collections, explaining the process of layering and therefore allowing each person to create an utterly bespoke fragrance – just for them.

Welcome to Jardin De Parfums – a garden for all. The dreamers, the doers, those who seek beauty...

Jardin De Parfums is currently available at Pari Gallery – Hayatt Plaza, Royal Plaza, Lagoona Mall, Ezdan Mall Al Gharaffa, Ezdan Mall Al Wakra and Mall of Qatar. There are exciting international expansion plans in the works.

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