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Elegance at a gallop

The latest creation by Parfums de Marly has announced its pedigree from the outset. Its name resonates: Kalan. 

Its attire gleams an ardent red.  

Its luxury is captivating.

The one who can tame it will be free. 

A lover of rare materials, an enthusiast of exhilaration. A contemporary man, from another time.

In him, contradiction becomes a luxury, his privilege.

The perfume of this 21st century aesthete fluctuates between shadow and light.

It does not conform to current trends either.

It resides on the margins of the olfactory families, 

taking the best from each.

A little fern, virile and highly sophisticated.

“For Parfums de Marly, Kalan represents a homecoming,

it captures the reason why our customers are loyal to us.

Yes, you can be both strong and sensitive.

Yes, you can love classic perfumery while being modern.

This highly recognisable fragrance is easily adopted.

It enhances the skin it comes into contact with: this is a characteristic of quality materials.”

Julien Sprecher, creator of Parfums de Marly 

Noble, powerful, charismatic…

… like the thoroughbred it is named after, one of the most famous of Louis XV’s stables known for its vigour, speed and agility.

 … like the scarlet bottle that showcases it – needless to say that red is the colour 

of passion and luxury.

 … like its scent, initially proud, but gradually allowing itself to be conquered.

“When I create a perfume, I want it to be round with clear, seductive top notes and at the same time an immediately discernible base.

It could be described as an aura.

The harmony between the materials and the accords creates this olfactory music that is our signature. Kalan is our 26th fragrance, it pushes technical performance to the extreme”.

Top notes

An extremely fresh start with blood orange, black pepper and spices to give it a kick. 

Heart notes

The accord between lavender and orange blossom absolute is released, evoking the majesty of French formal gardens.

Base notes 

White sandalwood draped in moss, wood notes, amber and roasted tonka bean merge on the skin and fire the imagination.


Olfactive family: Fougere woody moss

TOP NOTE Blood Orange, Black Pepper, Spices

HEART NOTE Lavender, Solar notes, Orange Blossom Absolute, Cashmere Wood

BASE NOTE Moss, Precious Wood, Tonka Beans, White Sandalwood, Dry Amber

A French story

Founded in 2009 by Julien Sprecher, whose love of perfumes was passed down from his father, Parfums de Marly, a high-end perfumery brand, conjures up a dreamlike state with its “signature” fragrances, a strong position and concepts that are short, striking, direct and clear, in which Julien Sprecher’s favourite ingredients can be found, like famous quotations.

Its world: the 18th century, the splendour of a golden age of perfumery, where the court of the French King, known by the other European monarchies as “the perfumed court”, and the luxury of the fragrances created in Grasse, world perfume capital, competed with the hieratic elegance of race horses.

Drawing its inspiration from this flamboyant period, Parfums de Marly revives and updates this tradition of exceptional perfumery under the creative control of experts to reflect modernity with a clear concept of aesthetics.


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