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Korloff - OPERA

This collection invite us to explore the iconic codes of the Palais Garnier opera house, a harmonious blend of architecture and art steeped in history and splendour. Our craftsmen have reinterpreted those codes with typical Korloff style and sense of detail.


The collection comprises 4 pieces. The first recalls the legendary velvet seats designed by Garnier himself. The three-dimensional white mother-of-pearl dial is delicately set with diamonds. It recalls the padded comfort of the seats of the era.

The theatre’s legendary red curtain has been represented in a more modern style, with a geometrical setting of diamonds decorating the dial.

The third creation, featuring an ornate white mother-of-pearl dial, was inspired by the light, filmy gauze tutus worn by the prima ballerina.

Ref. 04WA1170004 - «Chair» Steel White mother-of-pearl 59 diamonds 0.56CT

Lastly, echoing the range of jewellery, the last dial recalls the design of the cupola in the Palais Garnier’s main theatre.

Ref. 04WA1020026 - «Curtain» Steel / Pink gold White Mother-of-pearl 128 diamonds 0.80CT

The rectangular, minimalist, 27mm x 23.3mm, finely polished case highlights the work on the dials. The ribbed crown, adorned with a blue cabochon, adds the final touch to this elegant, feminine collection - the ultimate signature of the master craftsman.

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