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Luxury leather goods brand LÉTRANGE sets a new standard for luxury with their Handbag Customization service. With a legacy dating back to 1838, LÉTRANGE epitomizes craftsmanship and innovation. Through contemporary designs that reimagine their rich heritage, the brand continues to evolve, offering a truly personalized handbag experience.

LÉTRANGE's Handbag personalization service empowers customers to create their own Attachant 10:30 or Ego Mini. With a diverse range of colors and leathers to choose from, customers embark on a journey of self-expression. LÉTRANGE's knowledgeable sales associates showcase exquisite leathers, each meticulously crafted for hours, allowing clients to intimately appreciate the materials. Furthermore, customization options include personalized initials and precious stones, while skilled craftsmen assemble the bag live, ensuring impeccable attention to detail. Customers also have the freedom to select hardware, edge dying, thread colors, and hot stamping for a truly unique product.

The LÉTRANGE boutique, in Printemps, Doha, Qatar, provides a captivating setting for customers to indulge in an extraordinary experience. Within this luxurious atmosphere, skilled artisans meticulously bring their visions to life. LÉTRANGE's unwavering dedication to unparalleled quality and personalization is evident in every Attachant or Ego crafted through their bespoke service.

LÉTRANGE also offers a wide range of iconic handbags from the infamous Empreinte, to the

Discover the pinnacle of luxury handbag customization on the brand's website and available to purchase at Printemps, Doha, Qatar.


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