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Bespoke floral inspired designs created to make every woman feel magnificent

Award-winning jewellery brand La Marquise has recently launched their Floral Fantasy© Collection, an assortment of versatile and timeless handcrafted pieces that incorporate the beauty of flowers. Inspired from the twists and curvatures of petals, this collection consists of harmonious proportions of diamonds and gemstones to create an alluring charm in every piece.

The exquisite floral-inspired jewels offer intricate craftsmanship with enchanting patterns and detail carefully curated in a way to unleash the sparkle of the gems with every glance. The collection is replete with an exclusive set of alluring bracelets, pendants, earrings and rings.

Discover a world of fine jewellery made with ethically-sourced precious gemstones of Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald embedded in 18K gold by skilled artisans. A collection which was designed to tell a story, each piece was created to fit the brands objectives in terms of representation, exclusivity, and luxury. The result is elegance meets contemporary statement pieces which instantly elevates your wardrobe for any occasion.

La Marquise Jewellery takes pride in showcasing the meticulous art and craft of fine jewellery, working hand-in-hand with The National Diamond Council (NDC). The brand is dedicated to the commitment of ethically-sourced natural diamonds and redefines the world of luxury through their stunning range of bespoke collections.


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