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Leo and Ted Limited Launches its Season Collection

Unique fabrics used in Leo and Ted Ramadan Collection available at Printemps Doha

Leo and Ted Limited, a Lebanese design and fashion house for women, announced the launch of its Ramadan and season collection at its location at Printemps Doha, with fabrics used for the first time.

Leo and Ted Ramadan collection is characterized by charming fine fabrics imported from Paris that include silk, chiffon, linen, and velvet, with a focus on light weighted textiles suitable for the spring and summer season. The Abayas are carefully tailored with distinguished designs embellished with Swarovski elements, hand painting and other artistic features.

A renowned name in the Lebanese fashion directory, Leo and Ted was founded by Tharwat Khalil and Marwa Alameh who are a great representation of young entrepreneurs in the fashion industry. The brand is known for its exquisite pieces for the new-age woman, and has been recognized as a promising name for Middle Eastern fashion industry.

Leo and Ted thrives on being a luxury fashion house exclusive to women’s apparel, catering to a chic class of modern women. Leo and Ted invites Doha stylish customers to stand out with their fashion sense and visit its space on the first floor at Printemps Doha in support of a new promising name for Middle Eastern designs.

To learn more about the brand, follow Leo and Ted on their Instagram @leoandted_limited


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