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Les Classiques de HJ, N°11 de Sacha

An absolute portrayal of Henry Jacques’ Haute Parfumerie savoir-faire

Les Classiques de HJ is a collection of fragrances that embody the French Haute Parfumerie’s achievements of a lifetime, a representation of the entire diversity of the Henry Jacques legacy portrayed in a collection accessible to all. 

As the warmer days are upon us, Henry Jacques draws focus to a true ‘classic’, N°11 de Sacha. A fresh scent, N°11 de Sacha was created in the early 90’s and since become a pillar of the Les Classiques de HJ line; it is perfect example of Henry Jacques’ creativity, a perfume with many influences. It represents olfactory simplicity that makes many fall in love at first smell, yet its allure, its power of fascination truly make it a great perfume. 

N°11 de Sacha begins in the vicinity of Mediterranean Sea, with bergamot, lemon verbena, lavender opening the journey. As the first impression flies away, we reach a strong heart of tonka beans and patchouli. Notes of orange blossom resonate and envelope the fragrance with a thin and delicate floral layer. Finally, appears N°11 de Sacha’s final aura, ambery, full of spices, shaped by benzoin, cloves and sandalwood – a deep and sultry trail intertwined with a persistent citrus freshness.


Family: Chypre / Ambery

Opening: Bergamot – Lemon Verbena – Lavender 

Heart: Tonka Beans – Orange Blossom – Patchouli

Trail: Amber – Benzoin (Siam) – Cloves - Sandalwood

The perfume, like all Les Classique de HJ, is beautifully set off by the sleek lines of a hand-crafted crystal bottle, designed by Artistic Director Christophe Tollemer. The minimalism lets the deep, rich sparkle of the essences shine through, contained by a design of rare distinction that harmonizes Henry Jacques’ codes with the majestic proportions that are a hallmark of inspiring designs.

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