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The World’s First Filter-Type Portable Air Purifier

As the importance of air quality becomes increasingly important for everyday consumers, LG Electronics (LG) today announces the availability of the world’s first filter-type portable air purifier at retail stores in Qatar.

With environmental management a key pillar of Qatar National Vision 2030, the government continues to work with a number of local and international organizations to reduce air pollution and increase quality of life.

As homeowners also strive towards creating healthier environments, LG is helping residents improve indoor air quality, with its range of air purifiers. These air purifiers include the LG PuriCare single and double tower models, which each use deodorizing HEPA filters and a 360-degree purification mechanism to absorb pollutants more efficiently. A Clean Booster also enables the upper section of the air purifiers to rise and rotate, delivering clean, purified air to all corners of the room.

With local demand for air purifiers proving self-evident, LG’s research also uncovered increasing interest in more portable air solutions. Taking changing consumer behaviors and lifestyles into account, LG is now unveiling the PuriCare Mini – an air purifier which is small in size for portability, without compromising on performance.

LG PuriCare Mini’s 4-Step Air Filtration System

Step 1: The air purifier’s PM1.0 Sensor detects the quality of the air in real-time. A 4 color smart display notifies the user on the quality of the air, through a simple color coding system, with red indicating highly polluted air, through to green, which illustrates when the air has been adequately purified. 

Step 2: The PuriCare Mini’s Dual Inverter Motor draws in air at 5,000rpm, to make the process of attaining healthier air quality possible with rapid speed.

Step 3: The air purifier’s Total Allergen Removal HEPA filter removes up to 99 percent of particulates, including general dust, super-fine dust and allergens.

Step 4: In the last process, the PuriCare Mini’s Twin Tornado Dual Fans deliver clean air far and wide into the atmosphere. Put through LG’s rigorous testing, the air purifier can clean up to 50% of a car’s air in just 10 minutes. 

Designed with portability in mind, the LG PuriCare Mini weighs only 530 grams, similar to a standard 500 ml bottle of water. For greater convenience, the battery can last for up to 8 hours and when the device requires recharging, users may do so with the simple use of a USB-C cable.

Bluetooth functionality also enables users to operate the device directly from their smartphone. LG’s PuriCare Mini app is available on Android and iOS devices, allowing users to control wind intensity, obtain filter information and check air quality in real-time – amongst a host of other features. 

“The implications of air quality on our health are clear. While institutions around the world are increasing their efforts to improve outdoor air quality, our goal is to empower consumers to also improve their own environments. With the PuriCare Mini, we’re taking this vision to the next step – ensuring that clean air is not bound by a person’s physical location, but that it is available to them anytime, anywhere. We look forward to seeing how the local market in Qatar responds to the introduction of this revolutionary product,” said Mr. Brian Ahn, General Manager, LG Electronics Qatar.

“The PuriCare Mini air purifier is certified globally from the likes of Korea Air Cleaning Association, Korea Asthma Allergy Foundation and Intertek from Britain. The Intertek certification in particular states that it is capable of removing 99% of 0.3 micron of ultra-fine dust, particles which can cause disease and include harmful substances like smoke particles,” said Mr. CV Rappai, Director & CEO, Jumbo Electronics.

The LG PuriCare Mini is available for the introductory retail price of QAR 799 at Jumbo Electronics, LG Brandshops, leading hypermarkets and retailers in Qatar. It can also be purchased online on, with free home delivery in 24 hours. 

The LG PuriCare Mini comes in black and white variants, with customers also having the option of purchasing additional accessories for use in their cars or on baby strollers. 

For the home, LG also has double and single tower PuriCare models which can be placed in any room, to cover a wide surface area. The larger PuriCare models are also available in Qatar, retailing at introductory prices of QAR 3,999 for the double tower and QAR 2,499 for the single tower.


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