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A fascinating innovation which fully respects the hallmarks of Vhernier: the new Coucher de Soleil collection is the fruit of a desire to create innovative jewellery unlike anything else, featuring a strong sense of movement and a combination of classic jewellery materials with less traditional ones, all while adhering to the principles of simplicity and precision that distinguish the brand.

No easy task to accomplish. Inspiration struck in the form of the decision to make the jewellery in this collection using thin metal bands; an idea borrowed from contemporary architecture — as is often the case with Vhernier — whose twists, textures, and bold angles are fertile ground for creative exploration.

The result is jewellery that has the classic Vhernier forms — cuff bracelets and band rings, sculptural earrings that mirror the curve of the lobes — but also features an extraordinary lightness, thanks to the individual vertical components from which it is made. The metal bands create a more decorative design than is typical of Vhernier’s customary approach, yet the result still features the clean, understated aesthetics for which the brand is famous.

The other major innovation in this collection is the choice of materials.

For a brand that sees innovation as its imperative, the time had come to try something new: after ebony paired with gold, after such highly unusual stones as kogolong, after an extremely elegant and contemporary interpretation of titanium, which was extraordinarily crafted in the Velvet collection, the spotlight has turned to bronze, chosen for its lightness and the captivating orange glimmers in its colour, which go so well with Vhernier’s rose gold.

In fact, when paired with gold, bronze reveals a dynamic luminosity that brings to mind a sunset: the light reflects on the texture of the jewellery to create gorgeous and unexpected interplays.

As is customary with Vhernier, the collection is a testament to the highest level of expert craftsmanship. For instance, it took two years of research to go from the concept to the desired result; time spent studying how to achieve utterly flawless shapes from bronze casting, and how to forge the perfect metal band. This was a time-consuming process, as no corrections can be made to bronze while it is being worked.

The collection features four different variants: rose gold and bronze; white gold and gunmetal bronze; white gold, gunmetal bronze, and white diamonds; rose gold, bronze and brown diamonds.

Vhernier interprets contemporary jewellery like no other.

Wonderfully unconventional, Vhernier has refused to adhere to the conventional codes of jewellery design ever since it was founded, choosing instead to create its own. Characterised by simple shapes, soft curves, bold dimensions and ergonomic construction, Vhernier's style is instantly recognisable and mirrors its love for sculpture, architecture and contemporary art: powerful sources of inspiration, all filtered through the rigorous yet understated spirit of Milan, the brand's home city.

Rose gold with a mirror finish or non-rhodium plated white, gemstones in delightfully nuanced colours and stunning diamonds are just some of the materials that Vhernier uses alongside less traditional ones such as ebony, kogolong and titanium, to create innovative jewellery that stands apart from trends. Hand-made in Italy, where it was founded in 1984, Vhernier jewellery is famous for its sculptural shapes, amazing wearability and the boldness of its master craftsmen.


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