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LOEWE - A new member of the Un Paseo por Madrid collection: Templo de Debod.

LOEWE Un Paseo Por Madrid is a collection of 8 universal fragrances evoking a variety of experiences and cultural spaces in Spain’s vibrant capital city.

The latest member to join the family is Templo De Debod: a perfume inspired by the timeless resonance of the Ancient Egyptian temple preserved in a peaceful corner of Madrid’s Parque de la Montaña.

Surrounded by tranquil pools of water that mirror the temple’s outlines against the sky as each day unfolds, the site is famed as a place to watch vivid sunsets, blending raw, natural beauty with the mystical power of ancient civilisation.

The new Templo de Debod fragrance is a potent mix of floral and woody, exotic and earthy accords, with heart notes of rose and jasmine. Top notes are soft and opulent with coconut, mandarin and geranium, underlined at the base by Cypriot saffron and oud.

In reflection of its original inspiration, the new fragrance comes in a rich sunset-red bottle topped by with the black stepped cap that defines all the flasks of the Un Paseo Por Madrid range.

Ideal for collectors of fine fragrance, LOEWE Un Paseo por Madrid Templo de Debod is a timeless and transportive contemporary fragrance that expresses a unique aspect of LOEWE’s historic home.

Available in selected stores around the world from February 2022.


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