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Loro Piana Online Series - Open Knitted Walk, a new attire for the iconic Loro Piana ankle boots

Loro Piana is proud to present, for the first time, a knitted version of one of the most iconic shoes for the brand: the Open Walk ankle boot. Originally designed for sailing, their distinguishing detail is the so-called White Sole, that does not leave marks on the wooden decks of boats. Flexibility and comfort are guaranteed by the sole’s reduced sensitivity to changes in temperature: it does not contract in the cold, nor lose its shape in extreme heat. Lightweight and comfortable, they are characterised by clean yet original lines, casual but refined details.

Made from suede in their original version, for the first time they are proposed in knitted, extra fine merino Wish® wool. The upper is crafted on particular knitting looms, which fashion the precious worsted yarn in the desired shape, and is subsequently treated with Rain System® technology to make the wool water repellent. The exclusive and refined construction and the precious raw materials implied ensure maximum comfort, characteristic of this iconic Loro Piana shoe – in this occasion repurposed in a new attire, symbolising the excellent manufacturing of the brand.

The Open Knitted Walk will be declined in five shades that enhance the peculiar working of the wool: burgundy, elephant grey, a caramel colour and petrol blue for men’s; pearl grey and the same shade of petrol for women’s. A total of 300 numbered pieces will be released, available in exclusive on the European and Qatari Loro Piana e-commerce. Once again, Loro Piana’s taste for a savoir faire in continuous evolution, constantly researching new and improved techniques to work the finest fibres in the world.


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