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Loro Piana presents its new Fall Winter 2023-2024 yarns at Pitti

On the occasion of Pitti Filati, scheduled in Florence from June 29th to July 1st, Loro Piana presents the new Fall Winter 2023-2024 Collection. A wide selection of yarns, in which the willing to innovate, reinvent and modernise, while respecting tradition, combines with the continuous research and development of avant-garde proposals able to combine delicacy, high performance and comfort.

Together with this new offer, Loro Piana completes its range of carded yarns by adding Dream Coarsehair®, Iris Coarsehair®, Twist Coarsehair® and Donegal Coarsehair® variants to the traditional Coarsehair® Nm 2/11 yarn.

Coarsehair® is a 100% cashmere yarn created by combining the unmistakable softness and lightness of the fibre with the sporty attitude of shetland, made even softer thanks to the surface hair that creates a unique, fluffy effect at touch. The warm nuances, ranging from shades of forest green to navy blue, as well as tones of orange and brown, create a trait d'union with the new Donegal Coarsehair®, with its delicately rustic and timeless effect, inspired by the wild landscapes of the homonymous place. Suitable for more casual and sporty knitwear, it can embrace the silhouette on cold winter days. Moreover, it can be used in multiple yarns to reinterpret unstructured garments evocative of the jackets worn in the Irish countryside by gentlemen in the early 20th Century, enhanced with colourful, contemporary buttons.

An innovative knitting process transformed the classic Coarsehair® into Dream Coarsehair®, another yarn perfectly round and linear, although slightly heavier and softly compact. It can be worked on a fineness of 5 and is perfect for knits that want to evoke those that were once knitted with needles. The plain colours are solid, while the mélange ones are particularly blended to offer a chromatic richness of a multitude of shades and a delicate or strong effect depending on the contrasting tones. That is the case of the new Twist Coarsehair®, a special mouliné yarn for knitwear that suits all occasions. That same innovative and original kaleidoscopic mouliné effect also recurs in Iris Coarsehair®: three twisted yarns bring tradition and modernity together in a knitwear design for informal and playful moments.

Thanks to an experience in the textile field of more than six generations, Loro Piana proposes a great new entry in the Wish® family: Wish® Keramos, a soft yarn with high-performance that combines 100% brushed wool, made of different lots of merino wool, with a fineness comparable to the best cashmere and bio-ceramic ions that can absorb and reflect body heat, protecting it from UV radiation. For this reason, it is particularly recommended for sportswear or light knitwear for outdoor wear.

While quality without compromise has always been the core of Loro Piana's excellence, the maison is now taking a further step forward, through a new use of colour: the more classic and natural palette, inspired by the lands of origin of cashmere, is now completed with new and surprising shades, such as fluorescent tones, both in solid and mélange variations. Original, vibrant and joyful, these colours make the yarns more contemporary, including the iconic 2/27 cashmere with fluorescent touches contrasting with its black background. Here is the lens through which Loro Piana looks to the future: with an eternally young but sophisticated creativity.

The new Fall Winter 2023-2024 Yarns Collection is once again emblematic of the maison’s know-how and reconfirms its constant creative and technological research into improving its products and designing new ones.


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