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Los Angeles-based lifestyle brand Cotton Citizen has dropped its second unique collection of laid-back California lifestyle essentials at their new pop-up in Bluewaters, Dubai. The pop-up will feature a unisex selection as well as a vast selection of women’s pieces.

Worn and loved by celebrities like Gigi Hadid, Kylie Jenner, Kourtney Kardashian and Selena Gomez, Cotton Citizen is the off-duty celebrity uniform of Los Angeles, with unique wash treatments, ultra-soft fabrics, and a luxurious approach to the creation of everyday essentials.

Cotton Citizen has grown into a contemporary, American-made lifestyle brand catering to people who appreciate luxury basics around the world. Generations of dye techniques have been passed down and deployed in each collection, with each season reflecting the four fundamentals that the brand was founded on: craftsmanship, timeless design, unique color stories and innovative wash treatments.

Over the years, the family factory has been transformed into a more sustainable operation, but the team who runs it has remained largely the same. Pieces are cut, sewn, and dyed by the hands of generations of family members from the area. Cotton Citizen’s team has grown to represent a diverse array of creatives from around the country who all believe in the mission of creating luxury basics you can live in.

The Cotton Citizen Pop-Up at Bluewaters will open on 24th October 2021 will run until 31st January 2022.


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