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Love Is in The Hair with PHYTO’s Botanical Range

The perfect (& all-natural) botanical haircare for dry, flaky and damaged tresses

Are you or your partner suffering from dehydrated, unruly hair or flaky scalp? The dip in temperatures can easily create havoc on your hair and cause even the most luscious locks to look lackluster and dull. With award-winning botanical haircare range developed by celebrity hairdresser, Patrick Alès, PHYTO’s products promise to tame even the unruliest of hair.

Not only are the below products perfect for treating yourself to some much-needed self-care this Valentine’s day, but these are also a sure-fire way to impress your beloved and give the gift of healthy-looking hair.

Start with Phyto’s Subtle Elixir oil, a deeply hydrating and luxurious renewal product for treating your hair to the nourishment it deserves. Featuring a lightweight texture that quickly absorbs into your hair, it restores moisture without leaving a greasy residue. The easy-to-rinse formula effortlessly penetrates into each strand bringing ultra-dry or damaged hair back to life.

Particularly rich in vitamin E, this ultra-nourishing oil contains egg yolk blends with camellia and karanja oils to regenerate hair fibre from damage and seal in moisture; ensuring it will save your ends for way less than a haircut.

Apply on dry hair, prior to shampoo by massaging it into your lengths and ends. A deeply hydrating hair oil, it also contains subtle aromas of banana leaf, passionflower and gardenia to leave your hair with a beautiful scent all day long.

Price: AED 185

Designed for dry and flaky scalps, the PhytoSquam Intense Shampoo is a genuine ally in your fight against dandruff this winter. Formulated with an innovative botanical complex (Black pepper + Guyana wood) and a combination of purifying and soothing active ingredients, it rapidly removes dandruff, effectively prevents its reappearance and instantly reduces sensations of itchiness.

Price: AED 120

Finish your dry haircare regimen with the PhytoElixir Mask, an indulgently rich mask that transforms even the driest, most porous hair. Formulated with Narcissus flower wax and Macadamia oil, it offers continuous active ingredient release to the hair, protecting it against the recurring drying-out process. Its light-as-air formula is suitable for all hair textures, even the finest hair.

Price: AED 260

Phyto is available at all leading pharmacies across the region and on and



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