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Maison Boucheron presents its new capsule collection: "When jeans and high jewelry come together"

A jewelry style leader now more than ever, Boucheron has reinvented the legendary Quatre motif for an innovative capsule collection. Claire Choisne, the Creative Director, has chosen to combine denim, that universal material, with the preciousness of diamonds. The result is two unique pieces, a High Jewelry ring and cuff bracelet, made of white gold, diamonds and denim. A contrasting mix of materials and colors, shining diamond against the rough, textured effect of denim. Like a modern-day jewelry fable that begins in Kurashiki, the mythical birthplace of denim in Japan, and ends in the workshops of 26 Place Vendôme. Like a prodigious challenge to Boucheron’s artisans, who, like alchemists of the future, have marvelously introduced denim into the sphere of the precious. A rare collection, inspired by the Boucheron woman - elegant, adventurous, dynamic and free. The woman who wears High Jewelry with flair and jeans with style.


This Quatre cuff bracelet is a technical marvel. Both precious and stylish, it's an amazing blend of High Jewelry and fashion. In a geometric structure paved with round diamonds and lined with white gold, flat areas of denim create contrast and depth. The deep blue denim fabric reveals the iconic motifs of the Quatre collection. The whole story of Maison Boucheron is told in this piece.


The Quatre Jean ring plays on contrasts; it's iconic but original, sophisticated and unisex, faithful to the jewelry tradition yet ultra-contemporary. Boucheron's architectural codes, Grosgrain, Double Godron and Clou de Paris, are sculpted into this material made of real denim fabric and resin. With three rings of denim and one of round diamonds nestled in between, this ring is casually stylish. Just like the denim it's made of.



With its graphic panache and couture spirit, this cuff bracelet reflects the sassy confidence of the Parisian woman from morning to night. By itself, it gives structure to a flowing little midnight blue dress worn with silver sandals or sets off a pair of high-waisted flared jeans worn with an ivory silk blouse and a chunky navy trench coat. And, since it daringly uses contrasting materials, there's nothing to stop you mixing in different shapes: the geometric rigor of the bracelet next to big puff sleeves, worn with your favorite jeans to pick out the denim.


This ring is like a wonderful everyday companion, something you can't do without, like your favorite jeans, the ones you always come back to, whatever your mood and whatever the season. The ones that discreetly reign supreme in your wardrobe. But whether you want to go for sophisticated or casual, this ring looks great with everything. Why not try an all-out denim look? A midi-length buttoned dress with a wide belt, or the striking mix of wide-leg culottes for a retro touch, 70s marron glacé boots for height and a little crochet knit top for a twist of charm.


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