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Malone Souliers Launches Ramadan Capsule Collection

Luxury footwear brand Malone Souliers has launched its latest capsule collection, designed especially for Ramadan. The collection features seven elegant pieces, each a rework of all the classic styles from Malone Souliers, with a satin twist, providing an opulent finish for the special occasion. The collection comprises different styles named aer their distinctive shape - Demi Twist 70-1, Maisie Twist 45-2, Maisie Twist 45-3, Maisie Twist Flat 1, Maureen Twist 70-2, Maureen Twist 70-3, and Perla Twist 70-1. The designs come in stunning colors, including blush pink, vibrant red, and a dark deep green, all craed in satin to give the shoes a luxurious feel. The styles come in varying heel types from flats to ki$en heels to stile$o heels, ensuring a pair for everyone.

For those opting for a more subtle shoe, the flats and ki$en heels are perfect to elevate any Ramadan look, while remaining comfortable. For a more statement shoe, the stile$os are the perfect pair of heels to amplify all those upcoming Ramadan outfits. All the shoes from the Malone Souliers Ramadan Capsule Collection are ideal for elevating upcoming Ramadan Iar and Suhoor looks. Malone Souliers' Ramadan Capsule collection celebrates timeless elegance and luxury, reworked with a modern twist, focusing on opulent finishes and sophisticated details. The collection is a must-have for those looking to add a touch of glamor to their wardrobe this Ramadan. Malone Souliers’ Ramadan Capsule Collection is available online at and


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