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Marco De Vincenzo - Spring Summer 2019


This is a childhood memory. Contours are a little blurred, and everything comes together in some hazy way. It’s summer in Sicily. Long summers set in a not so distant but by now quite remote analog time. The world is on the verge of turning global, but it has not just yet. A aunt is visiting from the US. She does so regularly, bringing to the island bits and pieces of another planet. Everything she does, thinks and even wears is a little alien.

Everything is brightly pop; garish if you like. Her charm is irresistible. This story is true and Marco De Vincenzo revives it in a collection that playfully mixes the tropes and even the clichés of America with the codified signs of Sicily, letting everything mingle and merge in a hybrid that doesn’t belong here or there, and that’s rooted in today. The drama and the vitality of Sicily meet the ingenuity and optimism of America as sportswear crashes into a sensual wardrobe of feminine dresses. 

Underwear flashes in public, and black popsocks run throughout, as predictably Sicilian as anything can be. Sweatshirts have pleated silk backs. Little dogs and little lambs turn into hypnotic optical prints. Crystals sparkle, lace abounds, logos flash. Giant crosses are worn as necklaces and cinema stars feature on bags. White and black Superga plimsolls sprout gigantic soles. 

It’s a pacific encounter of opposites: entertainment for the eye and relief for the mind.  

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