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Massage is a treatment

In the hands of a professional The services of massage therapists are in demand today as never before, thanks to the trending of healthier lifestyle. Thanks to benefits such as relaxation, weight loss, wrinkle reduction and immune system boost which help also overcome many diseases, the demand for massage is experiencing a real boom. - What to look for: how to understand whether a massage therapist is a good massage or is it better not to return after the first session? - The hands of a massage therapist are his tool . An experienced massage therapist, upon feeling your body will immediately find problem areas. The movements of the masseur should not be erratic, they should be confident and clear. The massage master enters into energy contact with the patient and brings him into a state of harmony. There should be a calm feeling of confidence in the massage therapist. If during and especially after the session you feel severe pain, do not continue. This massage can harm your health. One of the signs of a good massage is the heat spreading over the body. - Is massage still a treatment or psychology? When is massage necessary and when is it contraindicated? - Above all else, massage is a treatment. Even though there many types of massage around the world, they can be divided into two main systems:    European (without special effects on reflex zones) and    Eastern (with effects on biologically active points). Depending on the indications (symptoms?), the former or that latter can be prescribed. The effect on biologically active points is very effective for eliminating pain and correcting diseases directly related to dysfunctions of the central or peripheral nervous system. Neurosis, fatigue, sleep disturbances, irritability, headache - these syndromes are successfully eliminated by competent exposure to biologically active points. In addition, massage allows you to achieve lasting and stable results in patients with hypertension, heart pain, circulatory disorders, especially in combination with other methods Myths about massage: Self-massage. Highly inadvisable. Massage should be done by a qualified, experienced professional. Saving on massage services is not worth the risk, it is better to turn to professionals. Another myth: a healthy person does not need massage. Massage is useful to any person - for the prevention of diseases, relieve fatigue or emotional discharge, not just a mean to solve occurring issues. You can also often hear that with osteochondrosis you cannot do massage. But it is known that with the help of a certain technique of acupressure in Chinese medicine, it is even possible to completely cure osteochondrosis. Massage supposedly always causes a pleasant sensation. However, during a therapeutic massage, the patient may experience tolerable pain and some discomfort. During the massage, an experienced specialist diagnoses health based on a person’s response when exposed to biologically active points. The sensation of pain at certain points indicates different health problems. - What massage to advise to whom? - Massage is recommended for everyone - both adults children, and the elderly. First of all, massage is necessary for healthy people to maintain good health and the prevention of various diseases. We can safely say that massage has the widest range indications, however it is important to competently approach the selection of the procedure and its performance. Nonetheless, massage therapies should not be considered as a replacement for professional medical consultation, especially in the case of various health problems. It is always advisable to seek medical help before or in conjunction with massage therapies.

by Ilona Mudriak


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