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Huawei Consumer Business Group is excited to announce that the much demanded HUAWEI Mate 20 Pro is back in stock in all authorized selling points across Qatar at a price of QAR 3299. The device is a few steps ahead of all others – a proper ‘intelligent’ phone. It is the first and only smartphone with a 7nm mobile artificial intelligence (AI) chipset, basically everything it has to offer is optimized and made to respond to situations more accurately and as smoothly as possible. 

The market has witnessed an appetite for Huawei’s latest technology built in the Mate 20 Pro, hence, the ‘King of smartphones’ has overtaken the Qatari market, dominating with outstanding quality and encouraging consumers to switch from different brands to Huawei. This top-tier phone is equipped with excellent camera capabilities, a 4,200mAh massive battery that lasts more than one day of intensive use, fast charging technologies and a secure system.

The outstanding sales and success of the HUAWEI Mate 20 Pro in Qatar is testimony to the fact that Huawei’s pioneering tech innovation with the elegant looking devices make for a unique smartphone aimed at the ultimate gadget enthusiasts.


This smartphone features the 40MP Leica Triple Camera that comprises a 40MP RGB camera, a 20MP camera with Leica Ultra-Wide Angle Lens and an 8MP telephoto camera. The 20MP Ultra-Wide Angle Lens brings a wider perspective to users. It lets them capture the full scene from both extreme sides. They just need to zoom out to capture objects as wide as vast plains, football fields, or skyscrapers.

The 20MP Ultra-Wide Angle Lens captures wide and close, too. It has a wide aperture that allows users to focus on objects that are only 2.5cm away from the lens, which is labelled super macrophotography.

This phone is also great for shooting videos. Through its AI Color Mode which leverages the capacities of artificial intelligence, users can get video clips that automatically isolate human subjects and desaturate the colors around them to dramatically highlight the person they are video-taping.


This smartphone accommodates a massive 4,200mAh high-density battery that can sustain a full day’s worth of work or play without needing to be recharged. So users can expect to use their phone for personal and work tasks and the battery would still be good to go into the next day. 

Fast charging

Huawei presented 40W SuperCharge technology in this phone, which tops users’ devices up to 70% in just 30 minutes. And for those who like to do things wireless, HUAWEI has provided HUAWEI Mate 20 Pro with 15W wireless fast charge technology (sold separately), which offers the fastest wireless charging capabilities in the industry.

Security System

No matter how many advanced technologies a smartphone has, it is all useless if it is not accompanied by a highly secure system in place. HUAWEI Mate 20 Pro boasts an in-screen fingerprint sensor that is embedded inside the screen and it allows users a faster access into their device. The phone displays a prompt whenever it detects a finger is hovering above the sensor. Users then tap the prompt to access their phone interface and the prompt quickly disappears into the background.

If users are not into in-screen fingerprint sensors, HUAWEI Mate 20 Pro comes further with a 3D Face Unlock solution which, through mapping a user’s face with 30,000 projected infrared dots, enables the device to accurately read the face of a user.

Today, HUAWEI Mate 20 Pro is back in stores across Qatar. Hurry up and get it now from Huawei Showroom on Al Nasr St, Doha, or from the brand new Huawei Kiosk in Doha Festival City, Ooredoo eShop, and other authorized dealers across country. It is available in Emerald Green, Jet Black and Twilight colors at a price of QAR 3299.

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