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The title of this capsule is "People, Places, Colour" singular. Why did you choose to use the singular word “Colour”?

For me people and places are linked by colour. My capsule collection for MAX&Co. is an expression of that. You remember where you have travelled to, particularly on holiday by the colours of the city, terrain, sea, or the particularly inspiring ways in which people from a specific place dress and mix vivid colours. This collection is an expression of that joyful mix and fantastic style.

What was the idea behind the name of this collection?

The name comes from that incredible and inspiring combination of exciting colours all around one, when on an unforgettable trip for work or for pleasure.

How would you describe your capsule “People, Places, Colour” for MAX&Co.?

The collection represents who I imagine to be the MAX&Co woman. Young and free minded with a fresh and interesting approach to dressing. She thinks less about casual or formal, day or night and mixes classic silhouettes (with unexpected details) in vivid monotone colours with luxuriously bold patterns, in an interesting way. She is intelligent and aware of the world she lives in and the places she visits. She is not easily led and makes her clothing choices spontaneously but consciously.

What were the inspirations behind this &Co.llaboration?

I drew on my well-known love and knowledge of contemporary art. My Capsule Collection for MAX&Co. was inspired by the work of Italian artist Luigi Ghirri whose wonderfully composed cinematic, colourful and poetic photographs set against the Italian landscape of Italy in the 1970s and 1980s evoked the beauty and emotion of simple travel to familiar places. I imagine the artist extending his travels to other parts of the world, such as Bamako in Mali, using his camera to capture the same kind of technicolor hues and moments.

How did the collaborative process work? What was it like working with the MAX&Co. team?

My entire experience working on this collection with MAX&Co was very creative and rather good fun. I am a very hands-on designer in every way, and they were thrilled and encouraged about this side of my design process. Added to that was the access I had to their incredible manufacturing facilities and making techniques. A combination of quality, innovation and high standards that is always very important to me and my work.

What kind of woman did you imagine when you created this capsule?

Feminine but strong and stylish. Intelligent and open-minded with a multi-faceted, multicultural perspective on life. She loves fashion and clothes but refuses to be defined by it.

Which is your favourite piece of the collection and why?

There are too many to mention. However, anything with a pattern was created as a reminder of the excitement, joy, and beauty one experiences on breezy travels to familiar places or far-flung destinations. Must haves of the collection include a strappy “Bamako” print sundress and the floral print cropped "biker" jacket both in glazed cotton. The vivid multi print silk twill headscarves and the "Bamako" print sunglasses are also super cool essentials.

You were born in Nigeria, and you live in London: how these 2 places influenced your life, your style and your creations?

My work is influenced by my multi-cultural heritage and international background. This has always been an essential part of my aesthetic. My eye is cosmopolitan, and I think in technicolour.


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