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Since founding The Harmonist Maison de Parfum in 2016, Lola Tillyaeva emerged as a singular voice within the wellness and beauty space, lending a new purpose and possibility to perfumery.

In a perfect alignment of inspiration and ingenuity, Tillyaeva conceptualized The Harmonist by merging her two greatest passions: The wisdom gained through persistent self-inquiry and scent’s extraordinary power to influence how we function and feel.

Lola Tillyaeva believes the sense of smell reaches beyond time as it can transport you back to familiar times and places. Having been based in France and on a path to finding the perfect perfume, Lola took on studies in the art of perfumery, where she created her first perfume and eventually set on creating her own perfume brand.

The businesswoman and philanthropist created the first-ever perfume line to translate the science of FengShui and the five elements into the language of modern fragrance and soon transformed The Harmonist into a global luxury brand.

With dedication to honing herself as creator and entrepreneur, Tillyaeva has proven a purpose-driven commitment to leaving a positive philanthropic imprint on the global community. Having previously served as Uzbekistan’s ambassador to the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization, she’s also the founder of the You Are Not Alone Foundation, for which she received the United Nations Humanitarian Award.

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