Getting ready for a DIAMOND HOLIDAY

The exciting sound of gift-wrapping before the wonder: it’s the magic of the Holiday spirit! This year, Messika has pulled out all of the stops to get a spot at the bottom of the tree, making this holiday season one of unforgettable moments.

Discover a unique wish list with sensational and resolutely every day diamond jewels to wear across all occasions.

The Holiday spirit is eternal, and so are Messika diamonds!

Focus on... RINGS

All Messika rings can be combined together effortlessly for a rock and glamorous look during Holiday dinners. Stacking rings allows one to express a unique style freely whilst dressing up your hands with a little holiday sparkle!

Focus on... BRACELETS

During the joyful dinners, the hands come alive in conversation. The brilliance of the stones dance to the rhythm of one’s movement. Don’t hold back on your hands: envelop your wrists with gold and diamonds!

Focus on... BANGLES

Bangles are one of the signature pieces of Messika. They can be worn throughout the collections and adopt the most audacious or sensible styles. Resolutely trendy, bangles can be stacked without any hesitation. Worn alone or stacked and mixed with others, bangles polish and perfect a holiday party look.

Focus on... NECKLACES

With one or several necklaces, they have an immediate radiant effect across the neckline. Pendants, medallions and talismans can be conjoined together in a series of sizes, stones and shades of gold. The layering of increasingly longer lengths – from the choker to the necklace – adds sensuality and movement to any garment.

Focus on... EARRINGS

Light and stylized, earrings from Messika are perfect for your favorite eveningwear. For the holidays, the entirety of the ear should shine for a sparkling ‘rock and diamonds’ look. Across her collections, Valérie Messika imagined pieces to match perfectly with each other for an exceptional look!

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