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After more than a year of social distancing, Valérie Messika was conscious of the essential and unique roles played by the 26 players of France’s football team, who, together are thrilling France’s 67 million residents during the UEFA European Football Championship. These 26 players will embody an inclusive and united France, which is competing for the win.

Struck by this commitment and sense of collective effort, Valérie asked French team captain, Hugo Llloris to design a custom-made item, personalised with the players’ names and numbers. Like a special talisman, this custom creation will bind the team together both on and off the field.

Perhaps the French team, already two-time World Cup winners, have already found their good-luck charm?

The My Move interchangeable bracelet is the new must-have item from Maison Messika. It is composed of titanium, which is lightweight yet strong, and features a moving diamond and a navy-blue rubber strap, with white and red stitching.

The French team’s captain Lloris, an enthusiastic representative, has chosen to give this bracelet to all of his teammates and to their significant others, who are their main supporters, in order to embody this unique link and spirit shared across all of them.


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