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Halal-certified, cruelty-free and clinically tested, NUME-Lab Switzerland is available at Galeries Lafayette Dubai

Minimalist skincare brand NUME-Lab Switzerland has just landed in the UAE for beauty aficionados to discover. Available in Galeries Lafayette in The Dubai Mall, the sustainable and ethically conscious collection uses pioneering holistic methods to formulate its selective range in the highest quality, assured by Swiss biotechnology. NUME-Lab Switzerland’s refined skincare collection is cruelty free, and halal certified, by following strict guidelines in all production stages from sourcing raw ingredients to quality control to packaging and distribution.

Keeping with their ethos of sustainability, the revolutionary brand NUME-Lan Switzerland uses only the best possible ingredients, with close attention paid to effectiveness. Powerful results and ‘cosmeceutical’, expert Swiss biotechnology combined with some of nature’s most coveted ingredients work with the skin over time and are formulated under strict quality control measures from Swiss standards.

Clinically tested with outstanding results on dark spots, wrinkles and fighting acne, the products from NUME-Lab Switzerland are suitable for all skin types and are made with extracts from powerful natural ingredients such as Snail Mucin or White Truffle. Each ingredient is carefully selected to maximize effectiveness and minimize time spent on everyday skincare routines.

Committed to clean beauty, all products are free from harsh ingredients like phthalates, parabens, mineral oils, and alcohols resulting in a collection that is gentle on the skin. Suitable for Spa treatments, the range from NUME-Lab Switzerland includes a deep exfoliating cleanser with snail mucin extract, Advanced Renewal Face Cream, Resurfacing Night Peel Serum and Absolute Radiance Eye Serum (available starting January 2022). Known for its healing, moisturizing, regenerative, brightening, anti-acne and anti-aging properties, Snail Mucin naturally contains hyaluronic acid, glycolic acid, antioxidants, and many more enriching ingredients. The Absolute Radiance Eye Serum also includes skin superfood White Truffle rich in Vitamin C, Vitamins B (B12, B6, B3) antioxidants, all essential fatty acids which moisturise the skin and are anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, and skin brightening.

The NUME-Lab product range that is suitable for all skin types include:

  • Deep Exfoliating Cleanser (cleansing) - This gentle exfoliating scrub with Snail Mucin unclogs pores by removing dirt and dead skin cells while minimizing excess sebum production and reducing age spots. It restores the natural balance, makes the skin soft, protects from environmental damages by providing a calming and antibacterial action and helps to cure skin conditions like acne.

  • Advanced Renewal Face Cream (treating) - With 5% of Snail Mucin, Hyaluronic Acid & Vitamin C, A, E, this moisturizer effectively helps repair skin damage, brighten dark spots, and restore skin firmness by activating elastin and collagen. The result will be a plumped, healthy-looking luminous skin with fewer blemishes and breakouts.

  • Resurfacing Night Peel Serum (exfoliating night care) - This exfoliating night serum with a concentrated amount of snail mucin and 10% of glycolic acid, will help resurface the upper skin layer, minimize scarring, dark spots, remove blackheads, and stimulate fibroblasts to produce increased amounts of collagen and reveal a healthier skin. The result is a more luminous, smoother skin with less imperfections.

  • Absolute Radiance Eye Serum (eyecare) - This Eye Serum made with White Truffle Extract has been developed for the most sensitive skin and has an intensive multipurpose effect on the eye area. The eye serum nourishes, provides deep moisturization, and reduces dark circles. This eye serum depuffs under eyes, diminishes the appearance of dark circles, restores skin firmness all the while relaxing expression lines and reducing wrinkles.

The Swiss biotechnology behind NUME-Lab Switzerland is the result of years of cutting-edge research done in the skincare industry in order to formulate a comprehensive solution to daily needs.


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