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now inclusive of the Eau De Toilette, Bath & Shower Gel and Body Lotion

Molton Brown’s opulent Rose Dunes has now launched the full collection featuring the latest additions of the Eau de Toilette, Bath & Shower Gel and Body Lotion – in conjunction with the Rose Dunes Eau de Parfum.

You can now immerse yourself in a full 360-degree indulgent experience of this magical scent that is an ode to the mysterious beauty of the Arabian Desert.

Formulated by Senior Perfumer Phillip Paparella, Rose Dunes is a sophisticated layering of floral, ambery and woody notes featuring a combination of cassis, saffron, violet leaf and pepper. True to its mystic name, the lead ingredient of a heart of rose, cinnamon and geranium add to the base of patchouli Sulawesi, moss and amber, completing this collection’s newest add-ons.

Refresh yourself with a sumptuous spritz of the Eau de Toilette or submerge yourself in the depths and darkness of the Arabian desert with our rich floral body wash and infuse your body with a boost of hydration by lathering our creamy silk-like lotion on top; creating the most heavenly aromatic sensation, symbolic of the Arabian Desert.

We’re proud that this collection is 100% vegan* and like all our products, Made in England. As always, we use the best ingredients in exceptional fragrance concentrations and keep striving to find these in ways that are kinder to our world. We’ve sustainably sourced our patchouli from Sulawesi, Indonesia for its intensity and high quality. The improved cultivation process not only enhances the livelihood of farmers but helps preserve the soil. These patchouli roots are dug up as part of soil tilling and alternate crops are planted 15 months after harvest to allow the soil to restore its nutrition.

We designed our perfume bottle cap and sleeve to capture a romantic, hazy desert at sunset. For a final elegant touch, we have a ribbon that’s also made from 95% recycled materials as part of our dedication to reduce waste. Silent and sumptuous, this truly indulgent fragrance is the perfect gift for luxury-loving, cultured characters.

Iridescent. Mystifying. Hypnotic.

Molton Brown’s Rose Dunes Collection is now available in store and online and retails at EDT – 425 AED, Bath & Shower Gel – 160 AED, Body Lotion – 175 AED.



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