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Mondrian Doha and Fire Station Collaborate for Second Series of Art Exhibitions by Haytham Sharrouf

This partnership offers a platform for local artists emphasizing Mondrian Doha’s focus on the art scene

Renowned as one of Qatar’s most luxurious hotels, Mondrian Doha has once again partnered with Fire Station for their second ‘Artists in Residence’ programme. This cultural initiative aims to give local Qatari artists a platform for them to shine. The second “Pearlo” exhibition by Haytham Sharrouf will open to the public from 22nd June until 21st July.

Haytham’s art statement for the “Pearlo” exhibition is “We don’t have such a clear mirror for our minds as we do for our bodies.” Through a series of oil paintings, the multi-disciplinary experimental artist paints an intimate portrait that objectifies the impact emotions have on human bodies, and how we are shaped by the successive stages of a life full of anguish and jubilation, accomplishments and breakdowns, new starts, and sudden setbacks.

The inspiration behind the name “Pearlo” comes from the formation of pearls as a defensive mechanism when an irritant enters an oyster. Throughout the “Pearlo” exhibit, the artist conveys a metaphorical approach to an irritating experience that shaped us from within and results in a beautiful precious gem-like experience.

This exhibition follows the first Mondrian Doha x Fire Station collaboration which was inaugurated in April 2022. Commenting on the second edition, Mikel Ibrahim, General Manager of Mondrian Doha, stated: “In this day and age, humanizing the journey of life is paramount. We selected Haytham as his art is the epitome of human expression on canvas with a true gift for exposing human emotions for what they are deep down – a window into the mind of each person. The Mondrian DNA is made from the pillars of art and design and our partnership with Fire Station is a symphony of creativity merging with purpose empowering local artists to shine.”

Director of Fire Station Artists in Residence, Mr. Khalifa Al Obaidly said: “This collaboration with Mondrian Doha was forged to inspire local artists and spotlight new creatives on the scene. The synergy between the Fire Station and Mondrian Doha’s vision is a steppingstone for both established and aspiring artists to branch out to both Qatari and global audiences.”

Haytham Sharrouf spoke of the exhibition: “I am very honoured to showcase my art at the highly acclaimed Mondrian Doha in collaboration with Fire Station this summer. I wanted to create art that spoke to the raw range of human emotions. These platforms provide Qataris an opportunity for artists to meet fellow creatives, network, and enrich the minds of all in the community.”

Speaking about the “Pearlo” exhibition, Haytham comments, “I have chosen to express my artistic vision using shades of red that convey emotions ranging from happiness to sorrow with dots that connect the beginning and the end of everything in life.”

This ‘Artists in Residence’ series reinforces Mondrian Doha’s image as a revolutionary and playful brand that celebrates the best that fashion, art, culture, and music have to offer in Qatar. The “Pearlo” exhibition will be displayed at Ella Mia from 22nd June until 21st July 2022 from 5pm till 10:00 pm allowing the Qatari community and art enthusiasts alike to appreciate the uniquely creative artwork.


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