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Supercharged, super-energised, take your seats for a high-voltage volleyball match: Milano vs Rimini.

“Rimini is the city where I grew up,” says Massimo Giorgetti, creative director of MSGM. “It was about the beach, the clubs, the tourists, the energy. Milan is where I made my home and started my label. I wanted to play with the two, bring them together.”

Acid colours are for the carefree Rimini life. Silk shirts are printed like multivitamin packaging that reads in Italian “one pill a day, only for adults”, while a fast new logo MSGMXXXL is loaded with meaning.

Volleyball tops are colour-blocked and read across the shoulders “ENERGY” and “CHARGE”. 80s Manga characters Mila & Shiro – Italian title for Attacker You - Japan’s most loved volleyball players, are printed on T-shirts and hoodies. A collaboration with Sundek is in Massimo’s favourite primary colours. Colour-blocked sports tops in velvet go from beach to club.

Rimini is also about tourists, twisting the beachside style. Denim shorts hit the knee; stripe shirts are buttoned to the neck; white socks are worn with sandals. Archive images by Roger Minick show the glorious realities of the tourist look. A slouchy intarsia knit that reads “Rimini” is the perfect souvenir.

Milan is about the attitude and the energy, the spirit that brings the look together in the 21st century. Vivid tie-dye knits are all you want to wear in the city. Short sleeve shirts with digital prints of palms are blurred as if through an urban lens. Choose your side in neon nylon shirts: one for Rimini, the other Milano.

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