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Nemozena - Spring Summer 2019 Collection The Reversible Capsule

Nemozena is launching the new Reversible Capsule collection for SS19 with a selection of multi-purpose dresses and jackets that change look and feel by reversing them. The concept is fully embracing the brand philosophy of conscious and durable fashion, through high quality materials, timeless yet catchy styles and perfectly crafted items with the most flattering fit: easy pieces that feel good and make women look effortlessly chic.

This capsule collection transforms each item into a double use special garment, amplifying the occasions of use. New surprising items with an impeccable fit that change color, texture and volume. On each side is a different soul: it can shift from day into cocktail time, from tailored and masculine into fluid ultrafeminine. 

Five items stand out for their graceful yet pragmatic features. The white sleeveless dress that turns into a multi layered peach cocktail number, a bright yellow tunic getting graphic on the other side for an urban daytime feel, a short dreamy summer dress in water printed chiffon and deep blue cotton. The indigo sporty jacket doubled in printed chiffon – like a shirt, and finally the earth brown safari jacket with double pocket that becomes colorful printed blazer with a playful feeling to it. 

SS19 Collection Moods

The constant traveler, wandering with the mind in a globalized, border-free world needs strong, bold, sensual and feminine pieces that are pretty and classy at the same time. She wears wardrobe staples that are earthy, light and dedicated to the contemporary nomad woman: safari jackets, khaki windbreakers, cropped pants and boxy camisoles. Fluid dresses shaped by drawstring belts – knee short or long and romantic – become a natural must have. The palette - mainly neutral with sand and earth brown - has bright notes of lime yellow, peach pink, bright coral red, mint and azure. The iconic new exclusive geometric print has a mix of bolds colors on an off-white base.

The glamorous vacationer has a broader horizon, embracing a wider audience of women. She chooses watery, fluid and soft items, dedicated to a seaside vacation gateway. Garment are light fabrics with wide volumes for a new comfort for everyday life. An ode to an ancient mariner by heart and a fresh breath of sea in striped cotton pants, indigo t-shirts, asymmetric dresses and fresh long azure shirts. Peplum details, ruched effects and contrasting stripes in bright colors give a chic yet effortless style. Delicate hues and misty tones inspired by nature and the deep sea, relax the mind and have an energetic contrast with bolder tones that excite the senses. The highlight print is inspired by the sparkling reflection of light in the deep blue of the sea.

Nemozena is a lifestyle womenswear brand inspired by female empowerment. Its mission is to cater to women’s desires with timeless luxury essentials and simultaneously showcase the creativity and brilliance of female individuals around the world. A Dubai based Italian crafted collection that is setting the bar high on quality fabrics and timeless cuts. The focus now, more than ever before, is on tailored yet easy to wear pieces and the details that elevate every single item from wear-forever basics to truly luxe essentials.

This brand has always been completely transparent about where and how its clothing are produced and through a coherent design project, is now able to create awareness around fashion consumption. Producing clothing that withstand the test of time is Nemozena main goal: quality items with an effortless elegance that are meant to both feel great and last for many years. Characterized by a flawless construction, a careful attention to details and an inner feminine core, each of Nemozena piece has a silent twist, a small detail that turns it on from essentials to special, igniting the desire.

Each collection is made of innovative, versatile and easy to wear items that hold a specific role and place in a woman’s ideal wardrobe, reinventing the way clients relate to fashion. Timeless yet feminine designs that allow women to build a personal closet through modular items, while giving freedom to blend new creations into an existing style. Clothes that make everyday life easier. What’s not to love?

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