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Nina Runsdorf Presents the ‘Les Jardins’ SS20 Collection

For Spring/Summer 2020, Nina Runsdorf takes us for a stroll through the fields of wildflowers and lavender in the French countryside. Her new creations are lifted by bright contrasting colours, with her use of sapphires, iolites, emeralds, tanzanites, pink topazes and pops of verdant enamel, like a garden of earthly delights.

Shades of lavender add a calming power throughout the collection, found on tanzanite rings and earrings as well as on carved lavender jade earrings with stunning Slice Diamond tops.

Deep blue, pink and purple sapphires appear on briolette fringe rings and sphere cocktail rings rounding out this color infused collection.

Runsdorf offers a fresh seasonal take on her Artist Collection, which beams with splashes of color in pear shaped rose quartz and acid green enamel in three sizes of rings and hoops.

Runsdorf’s beloved luscious green emeralds appear on hoops, mixed shape line earrings and as beads on earrings mixed to tantalizing tanzanite and diamonds.

“Emeralds infuse harmony and healing into the collection as well as a joy of life,” adds Nina.

To discover more of Nina Runsdorf’s creations, follow @ninarunsdorfjewelry or online at


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