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At Nina Runsdorf, we have always been captivated with all the different ways light shines through and ouches the pieces that we create. So, for this collection, Nina found her inspiration in Aurora, the Roman goddess of the dawn and sunrise. The Aurora Collection is also a nod to the 'auroras', the natural light shows that can be observed near the North or South Pole. Despite being best seen in the night sky, the extraordinary color displays are created by the sun.

Slice and rough diamonds, alongside rubies and baguette diamonds become a magnetic mix in this collection. Imbued with a decidedly feminine energy, our rose gold pearshape Ruby Flip Ring is designed to flow gracefully with the natural movements of your hand.

Our Slice Diamond and Mixshape Rosecut Diamond Necklace celebrates the natural beauty of slice diamonds shines with its uniquely enigmatic light.

With each delicate movement, light playfully catches our Ruby and Rough Diamond Line Earrings.

The rubies and and rough diamonds softly tumble from diamond- encrusted clasps with a uniquely feminine finish.Bold and beautiful, our Slice Diamonds triple drop earrings wrapped in pave diamonds, have an organic and icy sparkle.

Our white gold and Baguette Diamond Hoop Earrings are a sparkling addition to day and evening ensembles. Finally, surrounded by a band of sparkling pavé diamonds, our new white gold and Baguette Diamond Flip Ring re- imagines our signature with captivating charm.


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