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Patrick Pruniaux | An Interview with the CEO of Ulysse Nardin

Patrick Pruniaux - CEO Ulysse Nardin
Patrick Pruniaux - CEO Ulysse Nardin

“ The Executive Tourbillon Qatar Limited Edition marks the first Ulysse Nardin Boutique opening at The Mall of Qatar, Doha ”

1. Why did you decide to open the Ulysse Nardin store in Qatar?

Qatar is a very important country to us. We have great synergies and we share the same values and vision as the country. As you probably are aware, we are extremely fortunate for the brand to open a boutique in Qatar. Our current momentum is fuelled by new products and the tradition of the brand. Furthermore, we express ourselves as a slightly different brand and we are becoming increasingly modern. In time, we will have a full collection with dedicated staff. Here, in Qatar, we have a prime location; we are in a mall, close to the entrance in partnership with Ali Bin Ali Luxury. Everything has come together and we are very excited for the journey ahead.

2. Will we be seeing a special model for the country?

Yes, there is a special model for the country called the Executive Tourbillon Qatar Limited Edition, crafted to pay tribute to Qatar and the Qatari, this limited edition timepiece marks the first Ulysse Nardin Boutique opening at The Mall of Qatar, Doha.

The Qatar Executive Skeleton Tourbillon is available exclusively at the new boutique and is limited to 3 timepieces, each one as unique as its wearer. This Qatar edition brings a concrete answer to the region’s singular quest for constant innovation: coming with the original breathtakingly, bold features and design of the Executive Skeleton Tourbillon, the open-worked face pays homage to Qatar’s national flag, being brushed in deep maroon and complimentary matt white.

The Executive Tourbillon Qatar Limited Edition
The Executive Tourbillon Qatar Limited Edition

3. We know that Ulysse Nardin is going to be a part of the SIHH. Are we going to see something entirely new?

Yes, you are going to see something completely new and fantastic. When I joined Ulysse Nardin a year and half ago I knew there was one iconic product, the ‘Freak’. Every couple of years an altered version is introduced for the market. It is an iconic product and yet addresses the desires of a large number of consumers. We have multiple requests for it. We kept the original DNA of the ‘Freak’, which is the hand movement and launched the ‘Freak Vision’ this year. It was a revolution. For the first time we have a mechanical ‘Freak’. We are also extending this range with a limited number of exciting products. One of them is going to be called the ‘Freak – X’. It’s a Tourbillion as well. This one has a crown unlike the ‘Freak Vision’. It does not have the exact movement as the ‘Vision’ but it’s going to be a fantastic product. It is available in both titanium and carbon cases, and has a lower price mark in comparison to the ‘Vision’. The new watch is innovative and brilliant.

4. As you are coming from Apple, are we going to see anything digital from Ulysse Nardin?

I don’t see a reason why we would do that. My answer could surprise you but the best smart watch in the market is already the Apple watch and anything else would not do the job. I am not judging any brand that has and is trying to enter that market but the truth is they are only adding to the aesthetics but not specifically bringing any additional functionality. I believe in functionality and authenticity, so I don’t see the value in bringing a smart watch. I could say maybe in the future, as there are so many things we could be doing. The search for functionality is an interesting search. We shouldn’t rule out the quest for more functionality. On the other hand, you really want to focus on what you do and create, and where you create value.

5. We know you did a lot of campaigns for saving the ocean. Is there any plan to do any sort of activity here?

It could be a great possibility! Qatar also has its traditions and links to the ocean, so the brand easily relates to the market here. We believe in sustainability. It is no surprise we use the ‘Shark’, it’s an emblem of representation. It is an endangered species, and hence it is worth investing in a project to protect the animal. So why not? There are couple of things we could be doing in the future

6. What is the inspiration behind Freak Me Out hashtag?

The hashtag ‘Freak Me Out’ is play on words. We believe ‘Freak’ embodies our unique brand. Ulysse Nardin; the first name is very strong, it carries several values and stories and I think our consumers want to associate with this name.

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