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Popular ‘German.Local.Culture’ Campaign Returns As Influx of GCC Tourists Expected Following Easing

* German National Tourism Board has relaunched the popular 2021 campaign spotlighting local traditions and driving awareness of four pillars: green, craft, taste, and flair

* With visitors to Germany no longer needing to show a COVID-19 vaccination certificate or negative PCR test, an increase of visitors from the Gulf region is anticipated

Following a successful debut last summer, the German National Tourism Board’s ‘German.Local.Culture’ campaign returns highlighting more of the many ways to experience the country’s national traditions.

As a result of the encouraging news that visitors to Germany no longer require a COVID-19 vaccination certificate or negative PCR test, the country’s tourism board is looking forward to a rise in arrivals from the GCC and the opportunity to offer them a variety of cultural experiences and insights into the country’s customs.

“Our German.Local.Culture campaign encourages visitors to focus on unique elements of Germany’s culture; experiences you simply cannot get in other countries,” said Yamina Sofo, director of sales and marketing at the German National Tourist Office (GNTO), the regional office of GNTB. “Germany has a rich tapestry of traditions ready for tourists from the GCC to enjoy – from industrial architecture and traditional craftmanship to local festivals.”

Below are just a small selection of some of the sights and experiences on offer, with a specific insight for each of the German.Local.Culture campaign’s four pillars:

Green: Hiking with a View in Baden-Baden

Shining a light on Germany’s sustainable travel options, Baden-Baden is filled with stunning valleys and incredible views. The Panorama Trail is an ideal way to see as much of the city as possible. Venturing through beautiful gardens filled with plentiful flowers, across the Geroldsau waterfall, and through the Rhine Valley, the 45km trail is known for being one of the most breath-taking in all of Germany.

Craft: Glass Art in Harz Mountains

Glass art in Germany is steeped in history, dating back as far as the 17th Century. Visitors to the country can enjoy one of the few places still practicing the custom at the Harzkristall factory in Derenburg. Set among the beautiful Harz mountains, the glass factory offers guided tours that introduce this age-old skill and show how the talented local artists create an array of items, from festive decorations to traditional drinking glasses.

Taste: Leipzig Delicacies

Germany is recognised worldwide for its culinary delights. While bratwurst and sauerkraut are probably the country’s most famous exports, its sweet treats also deserve more attention. Visitors are encouraged to broaden their taste experiences while exploring the Leipzig delicacies of Saxony. With a history spanning back to the 18th Century, the recipe has been refined over the years, but now contains a shortcrust pastry, almonds, nuts and, a filling of either strawberries or marzipan. Delicious!

Flair: Tegel Art Park

Berlin is renowned for its cultural roots, much of it culminated at Tegel Art Park where local and international artists gather to pool their creative ideas. With artworks up to 42 metres high, the area creates an amazing open-air art gallery. Featured works include famous pop-artists such as Berlin’s Jim Avignon and Australia’s Fintan Mage. It’s the ultimate place for artists to learn the latest techniques and trends from around the globe.

For more details about the German.Local.Culture campaign and to discover more places to visit in Germany, visit:

As of June 11th 2022, Germany has suspended all travel restrictions for entering the country and remain until the end of August. Travelers are no longer required to prove that they have been vaccinated, recovered, or tested. The rules remain in place for travelers from virus variant areas and would require going into a 14-day quarantine in Germany, even if they are vaccinated or have recovered.

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