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Johanna Ortiz’s SPRING-SUMMER 2022 collection transports us to a world of ELEGANCE and ROMANCE

A 'HOW TO TANGO' lesson for dancing barefoot while listening to the tango song 'Germain'

A NOSTALGIC vibe in an era where artisanal and hand-made craftmanship are the ultimate luxury.

It’s Paris and we’re dancing TANGO, the Dance of Love.

Agustina is a lover of life and of tango. She is extremely beautiful, courageous and of innate sensuality. Meet her at the tango bar in Place Vendome in Paris, drinking Pernod and dancing barefoot , always effortless and elegant.

Ready to savor the new “Roaring Twenties”.

Tango is all about romance.

Passionate, confident ... almost a provocation. The Tango Triptych is simple: the handsome man, the woman of his life and a mist of passion and love.A slow, platonic dance between two lovers.

Sleek and easy “Slip everything” silhouettes create a perfect balance alongside JO signature ruffles.

Adorned silk satin kimono robes, minimalistic 90’s lines and modular necklines.

A Caribbean vintage rug print in organic shapes and Hindi florals set the inspiration fro the collection’s revival garden dresses.

Prints are inspired by Nomadic art and Central Asia with a little something of Henri Matisse homage but still reminiscing our beloved tropics.

Elevated craftsmanship decorate fabrics in the form of intricate embroideries.

The ethnic touch is given through 20's aesthetic beaded details and woven raffia that simulates traditional baskets.

A color palette of military greens and terracotas contrast smoothly with soft yellow shades. Summer wines and earthy browns are enlivened through pink clays, rasberry, jades and lilacs while Pop-up colors such as vibrant red, emerald green and flame oranges lights everything up. There is finally the classic palette of Black (even though Maroon is the new black), JO iconic ecru and midnight blues that add a more dramatic vibe through cutouts and pleats to both day dresses and evening gowns.

Necklaces and earrings are also made from hand-woven beads by the Embera artisans in Risaralda - Colombia. The perfect definition of artisanal luxury.

The jewelry is BOLD and chunky without losing elegance and sophistication. Inspired by the jewelry sets of the 80’s, which was dominated by oversized earrings and huge beaded necklaces, they are reinterpreted in natural fibers and hand beaded chains that add the artisanal touch that is present in all collections.

Mochilas are handwoven in a a resistant natural fiber from Caqueta - Colombia called CUMARE and intervened with intricate leather details including the now JO iconic leather handle.

Also a brand’s staple, hand-woven Iraca palm pieces are seen throughout the collection in belt buckles, necklaces and embroidered in dresses and skirts. All these pieces are woven by “Las Juanas”, an artisan association in Nariño - Colombia which empowers 204 women helping preserve this precious heritage.


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