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Since 1898, RIMOWA has created thoughtful solutions for discerning travellers. The German maison has also always applied its legendary expertise to new pieces for connoisseurs, first with the RIMOWA One Bottle Case, and now a Twelve Bottle Case designed to carry and protect bottles while on the move.

The special edition piece, manufactured in Germany, is crafted from RIMOWA’s signature anodized grooved aluminium. The minimalist shell is complemented by high- gloss aluminium corners and a black leather handle and tag. Created with signature elements of the Classic line, the case has a deliberately vintage appearance that nods to its rich design heritage.

RIMOWA’s considered approach to functional luxury is apparent in the RIMOWA Twelve Bottle Case Silver, which melds exceptional craftsmanship with technical skill. The unique case is made to both display and transport precious bottles.

Thanks to a clever system of a padded cushion with varied thickness that wedges bottle necks to keep them in place depending on the bottle’s size, the Twelve Bottle Case can hold any standard silhouette of bottles. The case is also equipped with a support system to stabilize the case whilst it is open, with two feet that can be locked at the bottom of each side.

When on the go, its microfiber interior features bottle safety bars to secure bottles during transport, which can be placed in front of the bottles’ body, and two TSA Approved locks can be used to secure your belongings.

An ideal gift for design enthusiasts, the RIMOWA Twelve Bottle Case Silver will be available in extremely limited quantities. Starting from November 24th, the RIMOWA Twelve Bottle Case Silver (RRP 7500€) will be available at RIMOWA stores worldwide and online at


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